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Chapter 126.3 - Run Away

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “You must find this face very unfamiliar! Of course you do! Because the snake venom was too strong, my face rotted very severely and the skin was of no use to me anymore. I endured the pain of cutting off my flesh and had a change of a new face.”

    “I was the one who released the person in the Soul Tablet Chamber and there is no need to implicate others into this. I had known of your nefarious plot and had hidden myself till today. The day I have waited so long for has finally come. She was such a good person and she should not have to suffer such torment from a venomous woman like you. I will not be able to see the day that you fall, but….. I will wait for you in Hell, waiting for you to suffer all kinds of pain and agony, and never be able to reincarnate for eternity.”

    The girl spoke slowly till she finished, and her pretty face suddenly broke into a smile of relief and liberation. Blood suddenly flowed down from her clear and fair forehead, the bright grisly red slowly covering her whole face, a terrifying sight to behold. Her body slowly shrank and crumbled bit by bit, until she turned into a mere pool of blood, leaving behind nothing but a blood soaked white robe.

    The grisly and bloody sight struck everyone deep in their hearts.

    A living person had just turned into a pool of blood right before their very eyes.

    She was devoured from the inside by the grub in her body and it had probably started from the moment her heart had risen with feelings of betrayal, but she had just suppressed it all this time. Hence, it was only just now that the curse consumed her completely.

    Throughout the Bright Moon Temple, every single person had a curse implanted in their bodies that would devour them once their hearts gave rise to feeling of betrayal. That was why cases of betrayal were seldom seen in the Bright Moon Temple.

    People treasured their lives and hence no matter how temperamental or how many people the Temple Lord killed indiscriminately, and even when she did not see them as humans, there was nothing they could do except to endure it in silence.

    Afterall, if they were killed, no one would be there to protect their family members, who would have to suffer the bullying from others, and the Temple Lord would also never let them off.

    It was well known by everyone that the Bright Moon Divine Temple’s Temple Lord was the greatest beauty in Cloud Heaven and just a single glance at that flawless beauty would be enough to completely captivate a person. But only the people inside the Bright Moon Divine Temple knew that a heart as venomous as a scorpion lay beneath that beautiful countenance, and that human lives were not worth even a mention in her eyes, where she would sacrifice everything in order to achieve her objective.

    This position was actually not meant to be hers back then but she had been just too vicious, so vicious that people were caught completely off guard. Her lust for power and position had blinded her completely, which drove her into committing all kinds of cruel and maniacal deeds.

    The western side of the Cloud Heaven continent was held by the barbarians.

    Their tribe had always remained aloof from the rest of the world, hidden in a secretive and mysterious place, unknown to the outside world. So no matter how hard the several different factions and powers fought each other, the barbarians remained uninvolved, never interfering at all.

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