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Chapter 126.4 - Run Away

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 126.4: Run Away

    Because they were really just too mysterious and no one had encountered them before, people told of many fantastic legends about them, with all kind of variations in those legends. They were said to have human faces but possessed the bodies of beasts and hideously ugly, clumsy and simple of mind, brutes with explosive tempers and were highly hostile to outsiders.

    No one knew whether there was any truth in all of that but just one point. They were a tribe who were extremely hostile to outsiders and it was forbidden for any of their members to marry outside their tribe or they would be dealt with with their tribe rules, and the person not from their tribe would be exterminated.

    For several hundred years, it was known that the barbarians were hidden deep within the great desert, but no one had gone in there before, because there were just too many rumours and legends about the place.

    Especially after the sun was sinking down in the evening, looking across the boundless expanse of sand, it felt as if there would be an incredibly immense beast lying in ambush in there with its mouth wide open, waiting to devour any lost traveller who wandered inside.

    The faint and indistinct figure drifted like a wandering spirit who had lost its way.

    The way forward was so long it did not seem to have an end, but she cannot stop, she must not stop.

    Her eyes started to see double, where everything seemed to be weaving in a blur. She did not know how long had passed when everything before her turned black, when she collapsed, unable to hold out any longer.

    The night breeze stirred up the fine sand, almost completely covering the small vague figure.

    There was only the very last few rays of the sun remaining and night was right about to fall when hurried footsteps sounded. “This is bad, this is bad….. I’m really so late today. I’ll definitely get a sound scolding when we get back!”

    It was a petite little girl and she looked to be only about ten years old with two little braids on her head, looking very adorable. As she trotted along, her nervous eyes suddenly seemed to have spotted something and those large eyes blinked in puzzlement. [What’s that?]

    [Grandpa said that I must not be a busybody as there are all kinds of dangers outside.]

    But she was feeling highly curious.

    Her feet shuffled slowly over closer bit by bit. [That bundle of something is hidden under the sand and it seems like it’s a person. But why is does it look so frail and weak?]

    She stretched a small hand out to touch and very nearly fell through the figure. She shrank back with a start and muttered to herself: “Is that a spirit soul? It will be really bad if it is eaten by a spirit beast.”

    The small little person wrinkled up her nose as she recalled Grandpa’s stern reminder. She then looked at the indistinct figure that was so weak it was almost invisible and a torturous struggle rose up in her heart.

    After quite a long while, she then carefully pulled out a square box from inside her clothes, and put the translucent figure slowly inside. She then sneakily looked all around her after that was done, thinking to herself that nobody should have seen her.

    [Mm. She’s so kind, so she couldn’t possibly let this person’s spirit be eaten up by spirit beasts.]