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Chapter 127.1 - Could They Be Related?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 127.1: Could They Be Related?

    “Little Qing…..”

    It was another call that sounded like it came from another world. The person asleep on the bed suddenly opened her eyes, the sleepiness gone immediately.

    She had not been shocked awake from her dreams for so long. She had heard that voice once again.

    Qing Yu furrowed up her brows as she massaged her aching head and then looked out the window. It was pitch dark outside, just past the Chuo hour right in the middle of the night.

    Since she was now awake, she did not intend to go back to sleep and was about to go over the Burial Soul Arts a few more times when she pricked up the tips of her ears, having heard some faint voice. Her gaze sharpened. [Who would come around here so late in the middle of the night?]

    The Lake Central Pavilion was built in the center of the Eternal Peace Duke Manor’s northern courtyard. There were no bridges connected to it and one had to row a little boat across the wide expanse of water to enjoy the scenic view it provided, where many regal water lilies and many types of water plants thrived.

    The night was quiet and the moon hung bright in the sky. The lake’s surface that should be still at this time however rippled intermittently in widening circles, with a few bubbles occasionally being stirred up.

    “Did you find anything? Hurry up! It won’t be good if people see it when day breaks.” A person was standing within the Lake Central Pavilion and was leaning over its railing as he spoke in a hushed whisper.

    There was no response for quite a while and just when that person was about to say something again, the sound of paddling in the water sounded and a head poked out from below the water’s surface, panting as a voice spoke: “The lake is too deep. I can’t even see its bottom clearly after diving for so long.”

    “Did you even see anything at all?”

    “What else can there be besides fish, prawns and sludge in here? I think that fella was just playing us for fools.” The person in the water said indignantly, as his gaze then turned sharply onto a person sleeping soundly in the corner of the pavilion.

    If one did not look carefully, one might really not notice that there was a person lying there asleep.

    Hearing that, the person leaning over the railing could not help himself but twitched the corner of his mouth. [Had they really been played?]

    Here they were being so busy and he was just sleeping there like a pig, claiming that he would only provide information and not offer any physical effort. But the most important thing was whether the information he provided was real.

    “Forget it then. Just come up first and I’ll go down to check.”

    The person in the water agreed and then leapt cleanly out of the water, to land inside the pavilion.

    Despite having been in the water for so long, there was a single drop of water on his clothes or in his hair, looking completely clean and fresh, a feat that no ordinary person was capable of.

    A plop then sounded in the lake. The person who had been in the pavilion earlier had leapt into the water, and no sign of him could be seen almost immediately, tranquility returning back over the water’s surface gradually.