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Chapter 127.2 - Could They Be Related?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 127.2: Could They Be Related?

    The person who had been sleeping in the corner finally stirred slightly, seemingly having been awakened by the sound of water. He let out a lazy yawn as he sat himself up, beary eyed as he asked: “You haven’t found it yet?”

    “The lake is very deep, and I do not take well to water like him. As I am not able to remain inside for so long, so he went down to take a look instead.”

    “Oh I see…..” After another long sleepy yawn, he was just about to fall back asleep.

    “What are all you doing?” A clear and alluring voice tinged with the chill of the night sounded, sending shivers up their spine.

    The man who was feeling so very sleepy felt the icy chill and his body stiffened up before he could fall asleep, as he turned his head slowly.

    On the other side of the Lake Central Pavilion, a young lady dressed in a snow white inner robe stood, her long hair spread over her back a little messily. The tiny exquisitely beautiful face was so fair it was blinding, her phoenix like eyes narrowed, staring at them watchfully, to see what they were up to.

    The man suddenly smiled a little sheepishly as he stretched his hand out to give a friendly wave. “Little lass, no need to fear, it’s alright, they’re on our side.”

    Qing Yu’s brows knitted up. [This man….. isn’t he that grey robed guy among Lou Jun Yao and his gang? What is he doing not sleeping in the middle of night but had come here so sneakily to the Eternal Peace Duke Manor instead? ?]

    He had not seen such an unfriendly look on the young lady’s face before which seemed to be suspecting that they were up to no good here.

    Just as he was struggling hard to think how he was supposed to explain all this, some sounds came out over the water’s surface when it gurgled with bubbles, like someone was going to come up.

    A stroke of genius suddenly struck him and he discreetly gathered power into his palm, to push the person beside him, who had just moments ago come up and was now peering over the water’s surface, down into the lake with a strike, who coincidentally struck the person whose head was just coming out of the water, causing the two people to swallow a large gulp of water in surprise.

    The grey robed man said with a laugh. “The weather is really too hot and the two of them were unable to sleep. It was heard that the water here is especially cold and they dragged me here with them to have a soak….. Hahaha….. Everything’s fine….. We must have woken you up from your sleep. Just go back and sleep then. We’ll leave in awhile.”

    Qing Yu was silent. “…..”

    The two people in the lake who had almost choked to death. “…..”

    [Who had forcibly dragged you here for a soak? Telling a mouthful of lies without even blinking! That fella had been the one who refused to let them sleep and had pulled them all the way out here to torment them like this.]

    Hearing the man’s words, Qing Yu could not help but felt the corner of her mouth twitch before she asked in a doubtful tone: “The autumn season is already almost upon us and the nights are getting cold. You guys….. came here just to swim?”

    [Does he take her for an idiot?]

    The grey robed man’s smile froze on his face. [This little lass….. really isn’t easy to fool.]

    But that fella Bai Zhi Yan had said that the lass must not find out, and even if she discovered them they must not speak the truth. Although he does not know why they were being so sneaky about it himself, but Bai Zhi Yan was usually the smart one who thought things through well, so what he said could not possibly be wrong.