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Chapter 127.3 - Could They Be Related?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 127.3: Could They Be Related?

    “Lass, I’ll be completely honest with you!” The grey robed man suddenly turned serious, his face stern as he said.

    “Mmhmm?” Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow, seemingly curious to hear what he had to say.

    The grey robed man hesitated a moment like he was a little embarrassed to say it. It was only after a good while that he then opened his mouth. “Those two fellas there….. had actually fallen victim to underhanded tactics from their enemies. They were drugged with extremely strong aphrodisiac and the effects were really fierce. I had thought to find them two women to resolve the whole thing but as our Lord keeps a very tight rein on us, forbidding us to womanize around, so I had no choice but to bring them here to soak themselves in the cold water for a night. They will be fine when the effects of the drugs wear off.”

    The two people in the water were unjustly accused once again but they could not say a single word. “…..”

    [Why did they have to be drafted to come out with that fella to carry out this mission? And here they are being wrongfully accused with such an outrageous lie! ?]

    [Damn it….. Really do not feel like enduring it any longer. I really wanna hit someone so much now.]

    Hearing that, Qing Yu’s expression was rather taken aback and she then revealed a mysterious smile. “Is that so? Bring them up here and they’ll be rightfully fine once I prick a few needles into them to disperse the effects of the drug. It is not good for their health to be immersed in such chilly waters in the dead of the night.”

    Those words of concern almost made the two men want to weep. [This young lady’s heart is as beautiful as she looks…..]

    But right in the very next second, the grey robed man’s words almost made them explode on the spot!

    They heard him laugh deviously and he then waved his hand in an offhand manner. “No need, no need. They have hides thick as an elephant and they are enjoying themselves in the water. You do not need to care about them. Really, just go back first. I guarantee that they will not do anything bad in here.”

    [You are the one with skin thicker than an elephant! Who can be more sneaky and shameless than you! !]

    If their stares could kill, the grey robed man would have died a thousand and one times by now.

    Seeing him say that, Qing Yu did not insist, but just raised up an eyebrow skeptically and said: “Do as you wish then!”

    Till the figure of the young lady had walked a far distance away, the grey robed man then heaved a great sigh of relief before he turned to see the two of them in the water staring malevolently at him. “Aren’t the two of you going to come up already? If not for me, the two of you would have been exposed, so why are you staring at me like that for?”

    Upon hearing that, the two of them leapt out from the lake and said with an insincere smile: “Then we must really thank you so much for covering for us.”

    “No problem at all. We’re one big family anyway, no need to stand on ceremony with me.” The grey robed man answered with a toothy grin. But in the very next second, two indistinct shadows flashed before his eyes speeding at a very fast speed towards his face, accompanied by a powerful rush of wind.



    The loud sounds of two vicious strikes landed.

    “Owww~ Are you guys rebelling here? !”

    [Heh heh, we’ve wanted to hit you for such a long time.]

    Just like that, the two people who had slaved for a good part of the night under the beck and call of that fella, went back proudly after completing their mission while the grey robed man behind them sported two highly striking looking black eyes, his face angry and shocked.