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Chapter 127.4 - Could They Be Related?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 127.4: Could They Be Related?

    — Gathered Cloud Loft —

    “Any news?”

    A tall and thin figure among the others stepped forward and said respectfully: “My Lord, we searched for a very long time in that lake but did not discover any unnatural fluctuation. Hence, I am guessing that Ling Shu’s deduction is wrong which caused us to come back empty handed.”

    Ling Shu, is that grey robed man’s name.

    Seemingly sloppy and nonchalant with a lacksidal attitude, always lazing around like there were no bones in his body, to think that he would have such a gentle and pleasing sounding name.

    “Did you search carefully?” Bai Zhi Yan was just striding in through the door. “Although Ling Shu does not exactly exemplify reliability as one of his strengths, but he had never once dropped the hammer when the situation calls for it. The search for this spirit soul, can only be done by that pair of Yin Yang eyes of his that are able to see these supernatural bodies.”

    Hearing those words, the faces of the two people turned indignant and they then said rather hatefully: “But that fella only made us search here and there in the water while he just lay there snoring comfortably in sleep, accomplishing nothing. Moreover, we were discovered as well.”

    Bai Zhi Yan’s eyebrow lifted in surprise. “How did you guys come to be discovered?”

    The other party must have heard noises. It was a extremely beautiful young lady and Ling Shu seemed to be on rather familiar terms with her as well.”

    “It’s Qing Yu.”

    It dawned on Bai Zhi Yan and his eyes then glanced probingly towards Lou Jun Yao seated straight backed on his chair. The man’s face looked like it had always been, the penetrating and alluring pair of violet eyes slightly narrowed, and no one knew what was going through his mind.

    Bai Zhi Yan’s eyes flashed with a glint. “Actually, I am rather curious why the place Ling Shu is investigating into would turn out to be where that lass Qing Yu is living in. Could there be any related link behind it?”

    Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao gathered back his wandering thoughts and looked at him his gaze darkening slightly. “Actually, I have suspected it more than once. The origins of that little fox’s birth, her unsurpassed gift in Medicine, and her mysterious martial skills and techniques, they are all unfitting of a person from these low level lands. This is a point that is truly very suspicious.”

    “As she is truly an unparalleled prodigy, one you would not even be able to see even in a hundred years here in these low leveled lands, without any excellent resources available to her or any highly skilled expert to guide her, she can only be said to be innately endowed.” Bai Zhi Yan quipped in agreement.

    Luo Jun Yao affirmed with a grunt and then went on to say slowly: “Highly skilled experts are as numerous as clouds in Cloud Heaven and hidden reclusive sages are extremely rare in there. Among the skilled and powerful women, Aunt Lan could be considered to be the most sensational one in Cloud Heaven many years ago. The heaven’s tribulation that struck back then killed countless people and it was all to her credit that turned the catastrophe around, which gained her the strong respect from everyone. But her time spent in Cloud Heaven was merely a short thirty years and people have slowly come to forget her.”