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Chapter 128.3 - Person with the Heavenly Phoenix Mark

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 128.3: Person with the Heavenly Phoenix Mark

    Qing Yu listened intently with interest and then suddenly opened her mouth to ask: “Senior, though you have left the Faint Mist Sect for so many years, I wonder if you have heard of the people currently holding the top five ranks?”

    When those words of her came out, Qing Bei turned to look thoughtfully at her. Yan Xi Wu and Yan Xi Rou were a little surprised beside them, not knowing why she would ask such a question.

    Qin Fang was slightly taken aback when he hear that question and he then lifted his head up slightly to answer: “I have heard about them. The few of them were just a bunch of greenhorns barely weaned off from milk back then, but they were able to stand taller than others in the crowd on their own, their brilliance shining exceptionally bright. Back at that time, the big brother among that group, Feng Tian Heng, though only fifteen years old and none of the teachers dared to accept him as their student. That kid was just too intelligent and his gift was just too astounding. It could be said that the other few ranked just under him grew up under his very own hand, and every single one of them are now all incredible people.”

    When talking about those people, Qin Fang was full of praise for them, and his words seemed to speak of an untold liking and admiration for that person. “That kid Feng Tian Heng seldom shows his face and the Faint Mist Sect’s special department was established by him alone. He is now also one of the extremely rare Puppet Masters throughout the lands.”

    [Puppet Master…..]

    Qing Yu’s expression suddenly seemed a little distracted, like she had suddenly just remembered something and her mind was not there.

    “But he has not been in the Faint Mist Sect for many years already. On important occasions throughout the years, like the grand internal trials and competition meets among the sects, he has never once appeared and only the other few have shown their faces. But for this upcoming recruitment trials of new disciples, all of you are in luck! It is said that Feng Tian Heng will be coming to take charge of the event. His position in the Faint Mist Sect is more than extraordinary and he is the only one exception among all the countless disciples in the history of the Faint Mist Sect to hold a position equivalent to the Twelve Elders. If you are fortunate enough to be able to meet him, make sure you can become acquainted with him at least.”

    When Yan Xi Wu heard that, her mind was already imagining about Feng Tian Heng on her own. [This person is so young and well accomplished and he has such a nice sounding name. He must be an extremely good looking man. If she has a chance to know him…..]

    But right at that moment, another icy jade smooth countenance carved by hands of the gods jumped into her mind, the pair of mysterious and regal violet eyes looking so haughty and tyrannical as they gazed upon the world with disdain, so very heart stirring.

    A shiver ran through Yan Xi Wu and her face flushed slightly red, feeling a little vexed. To think that she was thinking such thoughts out here in the middle of the day. Really…..

    But thinking about it, Qing Yu seemed to be on rather good terms with that person, and….. Her eyes then sneakily peeked at the young lady listening intently. From this angle, she could only see the side profile of her face but it was already so flawlessly exquisite that there was nothing she could pick on. Her long slanted eyes were languidly half closed, an indescribably alluring sight.