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Chapter 128.4 - Person with the Heavenly Phoenix Mark

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 128.4: Person with the Heavenly Phoenix Mark

    Yan Xi Wu suddenly felt her heart inexplicably stuffed up for no reason, her gaze turning mournful. Why did that man have to choose to be on such good terms with Qing Yu?

    If it was some other person, she might be able to give a little competition. But when it’s Qing Yu….. She was really beginning to feel that the disparity between them was just much too far apart and there was absolutely no possibility at all. That was something that any clear eyed person would be able to see.

    Back when they went through round after round of unimaginable danger in Hell’s Valley, it was Qing Yu who protected them the entire way. The jealousy she had felt in her heart in the beginning had slowly disappeared and what she felt towards her now was only admiration and gratitude.

    The weak and timid little girl who had been so unremarkable and lowly born from a concubine just several years ago had actually now transformed to become so dazzling and of unmatchable talent. As for herself, it was feared that she would not change at all if she was in her shoes even if she was given several more years.

    The person she worshipped the most in the past was Yan Ning Luo who was not only the greatest female prodigy in the Green Wave Kingdom, she was also born beautiful and held a highly noble title of “Princess Ning Feng” bestowed upon her by the Emperor with a good one third of the entire male population that wanted to marry her. She had more suitors than one could count from a very young age and had the best of everything there was, hence she really couldn’t even begin to start feeling jealous of her from the start.

    People were always like that. One would feel jealous of a person who was better than themselves, but would not be jealous of people who were more outstanding than them by really too much.

    If it was due to Yan Ning Luo’s noble status and no lack of suitors that had subdued Yan Xi Wu, then it was the moment that she had still come to save them at the risk of her own life that convinced her for Qing Yu.

    Because if it was anyone else, no one would want to save a person who had nothing but hatred for them. But Qing Yu had done just that. From that moment on, Yan Xi Wu’s heart had changed by a lot, and she had unconsciously changed in some other areas as well.

    For example when she was undergoing training in cultivation, she discovered that her absolutely useless spirit aptitude in elemental powers before had turned from being abysmal to gaining true aptitude, and the speed she progressed at became quite a lot faster.

    On the other side, Qing Yu was focused on listening and did not notice that Yan Xi Wu had been watching her for quite a long while.

    And Qin Fang was at that moment speaking about the internal layout of the Faint Mist Sect which included a few dangerous places where entry was forbidden, and he had naturally come to mention about the Heaven’s Door Chamber they had first heard of back at the Lost Fogs the other day.

    It was said that the place was among the top three places in the Faint Mist Sect where entry was strictly prohibited and was only open to those with powerful and profound cultivation. Disciples with weak and low levels of cultivation were not even allowed to go near the place as it would be hard for them to find their way out. Moreover, there was something strange in the Heaven’s Door Chamber that sucked at a person’s soul.

    It was rumoured that since the Faint Mist Sect’s founding till today, only a very rare few people had been able to go inside the Heaven’s Door Chamber and come out completely safe and sound and the Faint Mist Sect’s first ranked Feng Tian Heng had already gone in there once when he was just ten years old.