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Chapter 129.3 - Matters Related to the Recruitment Trials

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 129.3: Matters Related to the Recruitment Trials

    All things aside, it might have been because back in his most painful and agonizing days when he was younger where he had felt most utterly helpless, with the countless number of times that he had wanted to end his own life when the torment from purging the poison became too much to bear, she had been the one who had always pulled him back from the edge of darkness, remaining by his side as he endured through the darkest years of his life.

    His heart just wanted to rely on her for no reason, as that was the person he trusted the most, and the one and only kin he had.

    Seeing the look in the eyes of the youth change several times, Qing Yu knew that he was deep in thought about things again. Her slender fingers were suddenly placed on top of his head which ruffled his hair vigorously.

    It was probably because she had not done that action that warmed his heart for a rather long time that caused the youth to freeze in his spot.

    It was said that a man head’s was not to be carelessly touched, even for a man who was not yet fully grown, and it was naturally the same thing for Qing Bei.

    But every time he resisted, he would find his head violated even harder and he became used to it over time. So when Qing Yu stopped ruffling his hair, he felt a little unused to it.

    Ever since they started to prepare themselves to join the Faint Mist Sect, the two people had been working very hard to raise their powers, so he had not felt that heartwarming action for a rather long time.

    Qing Yu looked at the youth’s doleful eyes like those of a tiny animal and she stretched her hand out to ruffle his head another time. “Did you think I was angry?”

    “Weren’t you angry?” Qing Bei pushed the question right back at her.

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow. “Why should I be angry?”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu hesitated a moment. “If I am to go join the Elixir Cultivator department with you, you would not get angry?”

    “What is there to be angry about? If you are able to get yourself in, then go ahead!” Qing Yu said as she looked at him in amusement. “Moreover, when did I ever say that I am going to the Elixir Cultivation department? With my knowledge in Medicine, will I still need to go in there to learn anything?”

    If she were to join the Elixir Cultivator department, it was undoubtedly just be a waste of time and energy for her. Compared to the things written in the Heavenly Insights of Medicine, the medical practice in these lands were far inferior.

    “Then are you intending to join the Martial Arts department? I heard that this department has the most number of people and two thirds of the people throughout the lands are martial arts pugilists, so there are no lack of highly skilled experts in there, so it will be hard to gain attention and be favoured in there.” Qing Bei said after thinking about that for a while.

    Qing Yu shook her head, smiling as she said: “I do not want to join either of these two. I am a little more interested in the Spirit Master department and that special department founded by the top rank disciple of the inner circle.”

    Qing Bei blinked his eyes in surprise. “The Spirit Master department has very high requirements for one’s mental strength, which is at least ten times that of most normal people. As for that special department, it is said that there are not even twenty in numbers. Three among the top five ranks are from the special department while the other two has one Artifact Cultivator and a Spirit Master. I fear that it will be a little difficult for you to join these two departments.”