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Chapter 129.4 - Matters Related to the Recruitment Trials

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 129.4: Matters Related to the Recruitment Trials

    “So what?” Qing Yu looked at him out of the corner of her eyes. “If you do not go give it a try, how would you know you will not be able to pass?”

    When she mentioned that, Qing Yu suddenly turned to look at him with a glint in her eyes. “I feel that Little Bei should go give being a Spirit Master a try because you have very strong mental strength. Didn’t you say that whenever you want to know about something, you just have to think about it and it will automatically appear in your mind?”

    “That’s right.” Qing Bei nodded.

    Qing Yu went on to explain. “You might not be aware, but that is one of the abilities of a Spirit Master. If you did not possess strong mental strength, you will not be able to have such a good sense of things.”

    Qing Bei’s eyes widened in disbelief as he pointed a finger at himself in a baffled daze. “Are you saying….. I have the gift of being a Spirit Master?”

    Qing Yu smiled and nodded

    “If that is really the case, then I must really go give it a try on the day of the recruitment trials.” Qing Bei seemed to be greatly motivated, suddenly hoping that the day would come earlier.

    And on another side, Luo Jun Yao who had been feeling a strange sense of unease in his heart had come to discover the source of that unease.

    “Tell it to me one more time. What do you mean by the person has gone missing.”

    The man’s low and alluringly magnetic voice sounded like a curse sent down by the gods, piercing deep into the ears of the person who had his head bowed respectfully below. It was just a short statement made in a soft voice, but it caused the person to immediately fall to the ground on his knees.

    “My Lord! Please quell your rage. Several of the lieutenants are already searching as hard as they can and they will surely be able to find some clues.” The person had steeled himself against the terrifying aura pressing down on him and said in a trembling voice.

    The man with mesmerizing violet eyes then said scornfully in a chilling voice: “If they are really able to handle it, then they would not have made you come report to me.”

    The man’s head sank down even lower, unable to find any words to say, because what the Lord said was true. It had already been more than half a month since the incident and the few of them knew deep in their hearts that they were not able to hide it any longer. So they had ordered him to come down from Cloud Heaven, and report the matter to seek for an opinion on a way for them to resolve it.

    Lou Jun Yao’s tall figure suddenly straightened as he got up to his feet, the aura around him a little cryptic and his voice deep as he said: “I will deal with the matter myself. You go back and tell them to stop all the searches. Do not let any of the other powers notice a single thing.”

    Although that man did not know what Lou Jun Yao meant by what he said, but he did not dare to say anything against him. There was nothing he could do but to go back and carry out his orders.

    Silence was restored back to the large room and Lou Jun Yao stood there looking out at the scenery outside the window. Light and darkness intertwined within his eyes as a dark tide surged, like something was brewing up quietly within.

    [Could it really be all so coincidental?]

    [The body in the Dark Regions had disappeared and the cries he had recently heard calling out. Everything seemed to be vaguely conveying a certain message to him.]

    A message that one did not dare to be certain of, but was already clear to see.