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Chapter 130.1 - There’s Treasure at the Bottom of the Lake

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 130.1: There’s Treasure at the Bottom of the Lake

    — Cloud Heaven’s Western Edge, Headquarters of the Barbarians —

    Because they lived in lands of vast roiling sandstorms, the barbarians have constructed tall towers that kept out the wind. For hundreds of years before this, their homeland had been swallowed up countless times by sandstorms which caused many deaths of their people, so the tribe chief had gotten craftsmen to carefully build these sandbreak towers and they had not suffered any more casualties, the people of the tribe living in peace and remained detached from the world.

    “Eh? You’re awake!”

    The flap of the tent was suddenly lifted and a girl that was about ten years old came walking in, lively and pretty looking, with two adorable braids on her hair, her large sparkling eyes filled with joy as she looked at the person inside.

    Looking at the person seated upright in the bed, at first glance, she looked almost like a celestial being.

    Luxurious hair draped over her shoulders, against that fiery red clothes she was wearing, she was breathtakingly beautiful.

    She lifted her head when she heard that voice, the magnificently dazzling beauty of that flawless countenance was like that of a celestial being who had accidentally fallen into the mortal realm, pure and pristine. Her limpid eyes so clear one couldn’t possibly bear to profane them, a flawless beauty throughout, where even when her brows were creased in a frown like this, people just could not take their eyes off her.

    The little girl stared enraptured and it was a good while before she regained her senses looking a little embarrassed as she said: “Are you feeling unwell in any place? I, I am an Elixir Cultivator, and I can help to take a look at it for you.”

    The woman’s slightly vacant stare then slowly regained its focus and her eyes then turned to look at the bashful little girl who had her head lowered as she went on to say softly: “Were you the one who saved me? Thank you.”

    Not only did the beautiful woman possessed unforgettable looks, even her voice was highly enchanting like jade beads falling onto a plate, lightly drumming on one’s heart that elicited a gentle ripple.

    Two pink clouds immediately blossomed on the girl’s tiny face. “No need for thanks. It’s great that you’re fine.”

    Speaking about that, the little girl then looked at the woman with a astonished but measuring gaze. “When I rescued you and brought you back, your spirit body was so weak that you could barely be seen. So how did you even come to have gained a flesh body now?”

    Although she had not touched the lady, but it was clear to see that she possessed a solid flesh body.

    Hearing that, the woman’s gaze dimmed and her fair slender fingers rose up to gently touch her own cheek, seemingly faraway in thought.

    She clearly remembered that her flesh body had been destroyed, broken into pieces and horrifying to see.

    [She couldn’t really remember where she had been living all these years and the reason she had died. Everything was a foggy blur and there seemed to be a voice in her heart that told her she must not die. She must live as someone is waiting for her, and will always wait for her.]

    [But….. who is that person? She really cannot remember.]

    Something felt like it exploded in her head and the pain was excruciatingly painful. She raised her hands up to hold her head, trying her very best to suppress the agony.