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Chapter 130.2 - There’s Treasure at the Bottom of the Lake

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 130.2: There’s Treasure at the Bottom of the Lake

    “Are you alright! ?” The little girl was shocked to see the woman like that and she quickly went over to her. When she came to touch the woman’s body, she discovered that her body was icy cold, without the slightest bit of warmth.

    The little girl was startled by the icy touch and she immediately retracted her hand.

    [That kind of temperature…. was like that of a dead person. But….. she could still clearly talk and move! She doesn’t look like a dead person in any way!]

    The little girl’s pretty little face creased up and she held the woman’s hand as she injected her spirit energy into it. In the next instant, the little girl’s eyes widened incredulously.


    [There was only a weak puff of her main spirit soul in her body and all the other parts of a spirit soul….. were missing!]

    [What kind of a person could possibly be so devoid of morals to be capable of doing something like this? It must be known that if one’s spirit soul was deficient, they could easily lose their minds and become crazy, or in a worse case scenario, their lifespans would become greatly reduced, unable to live past several years.]

    And though the woman did not show any signs of having lost her mind, but she seemed to be in a rather bad condition. Her body was so cold like she had been dead for a long time and…..

    The little girl then asked in a worried voice: “Do you remember who you are?”

    The woman who had her hands wrapped around her head was suddenly startled a moment before she slowly lifted her eyes up to look at the little girl. “I….. I am…..”

    [Who is she?]

    “Fei Er, you must always remember me. Even if I am dead, you must not forget me.”

    [Whose voice is that?]

    The woman was a little muddled. [Is she….. Fei Er?]

    Seeing the state the woman was in, how could one possibly not be able to see that her spirit soul was deficient? Although she was not crazy, but it was clear she had lost her memory of her past, and could not remember her own identity.

    The little girl really didn’t know whether it was a good thing to have saved the woman and brought her back here.

    The little girl than sighed slightly. “Don’t worry. I will definitely help you regain your memory.”

    Although the barbarians were the least contentious tribe of people in Cloud Heaven, who peacefully kept to themselves within a confined region, but they were a race of people who have existed the longest here in these lands. There were many secret ancient techniques in the tribe and it would not be too difficult for them to help her find back the lost fragments of her spirit soul.

    But there was just one hurdle that would be rather difficult to overcome.

    She had secretly brought this woman back without anyone’s knowledge, and if she were to employ the tribe’s secret technique, somebody would surely find out.

    And Grandpa really did not like people who were not of their tribe so if he knew that she had brought in an outsider and had even used the secret technique to save her, not only she herself would be punished, but the woman would definitely not be able to survive as well.

    The little girl’s eyes dimmed and her gaze turned to look at the woman on the bed once again. Without knowing why, she just seemed to feel very close to the woman and that was why she had secretly brought her back here.

    Regarding this matter, she would have to think up a foolproof plan first.


    It was already deep into the night and a fluffy and fleshy ball of snow was lying upon the table, where its tiny legs would kick out a couple of time occasionally, while its tiny little mouth would then smack its lips together softly.