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Chapter 130.4 - There’s Treasure at the Bottom of the Lake

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 130.4: There’s Treasure at the Bottom of the Lake

    If Qing Yu had not been dragged into the water, she would have been attacked by that thing at this moment.

    Underwater, the shocked and surprised Qing Yu almost swallowed a mouthful of water. Fortunately she had reacted quickly enough to immediately hold her breath and put up a water isolation barrier, which kept the water out, allowing her to move freely underwater.

    When she raised her eyes up, she then came to see who the person that had dragged her in was. The culprit’s violet eyes were exceptionally dazzling under the night and they were filled with a smile as they looked at her. “Are you alright?”

    “Why are you here?” Qing Yu asked in surprise.

    Lou Jun Yao curled up his lips. “Who did you think it was? For a young lady to not be sleeping so late at night but had come to such a deserted place like this, aren’t you afraid that you’ll meet with danger?”

    Hearing that, a corner of Qing Yu’s lips twitched and she retorted in a unfriendly tone: “This is my house, why would I not dare to come here? But as for you, I heard that you’re somebody of considerable status in Cloud Heaven, for you to break into somebody’s house so sneakily in the middle of the night and is now criticizing me instead, those are actions that ill befits what a gentleman would do.”

    Her words were harsh and even Su Li Mo had turned red upon hearing those words back then.

    Unexpectedly, she had really underestimated this man’s thick hide as he quietly waited for the young lady to finish before blinking his eyes innocently at her. “When have I ever once claimed myself to be a gentleman?”

    Qing Yu held back the urge to scold somebody. She was afterall a well brought up lady and she would not allow herself to lose her decorum with just a few words from this man.

    “Just what are you guys really up to here? Is there some kind of treasure in this lake?” Qing Yu asked with her brows tightly knitted up. Everytime she wanted to rest, she would come to hear sounds that would not allow her to sleep peacefully. So she had started to think that it was rather strange that they had come to show so much interest in this lake.

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes darkened, but he did not speak.

    [There was indeed a treasure in this lake, and it was more precious than any kind of treasure there was.]

    Qing Yu saw that he did not seem like he wanted to disclose much and she did not probe further. She was about to swim back ashore when she was pulled her wrist back down. Due to the buoyancy of the water, that pull dragged her crashing straight into the man’s chest. Though the water greatly reduced the impact of the collision, it also pushed the two of them to stick tightly together.

    Instinctively, Qing Yu was going to struggle but the man stretched a hand out to clasp around her waist, holding her down firmly in his embrace.

    Qing Yu’s body stiffened, and she froze completely.

    She had never liked to have too much bodily contact with people and the person she was closest to was just Qing Bei.

    [And this man here had repeatedly….. hugged her! ?]

    Of course she was completely aware of the fact that in the few times that she had been injured and fallen unconscious, he had already held her in his arms several times already!