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Chapter 131.1 - Are You Trying to Seduce Me?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 131.1: Are You Trying to Seduce Me?

    Just as anger was rising up inside her heart, she then heard the man’s low voice sound out beside her ear. “Don’t move, it’s still up there.”

    Qing Yu was taken aback. [It?]

    A black shadow suddenly floated past over the lake’s surface, kicking up a series of waves on the water.

    Qing Yu then came to understand why he was not letting her go up and she did not make any more rash moves but asked in a soft voice: “What is that?”

    Lou Jun Yao gave a helpless sigh. “When I came here earlier, I had clearly not detected the presence of any other living creature like that. But when I used my consciousness to probe the bottom of the pond, it suddenly came out to attack me. Judging from that fella’s body and the way it looks, I would say that it is a Three Legged Devilwing.”

    The Three Legged Devilwing was a beast that could fly and walk, which looked a little like an eagle, with a malevolent face. It was said that its enormous wings when spread wide would be able to block out the sun and the sky, bring darkness wherever it passes.

    Although the highest level such spirit beasts could reach was only level ten, but it had a trait that was feared and it really gave people a headache. It bore grudges and was very vindictive!

    Even among the spirit beasts, few dared to offend the Three Legged Devilwing. If there was anyone audacious enough to kill a Three Legged Devilwing, then congratulations to you! From then onwards, that person would be relentlessly pursued and persecuted by the entire Three Legged Devilwing species. Even if that person were to alter his looks completely, the unique scent that would remain on the person who killed the Three Legged would still allow all of them to detect him.

    Hence when one encountered this kind of a spirit beast, it would be best that they keep a distance away from them.

    One would have been puzzled why someone like Lou Jun Yao with his level of cultivation would need to hide himself underwater from a spirit beast of such a low level. So it was actually due to the unforgiving and persistent inborn trait of the Three Legged Devilwing.

    Qing Yu was just thinking about that when she suddenly could not hold herself back and burst out in laughter. One would not need to think much to know just how depressing it would be for that man at that moment.

    Lou Jun Yao saw her laugh and was a little puzzled for a moment, but he quickly caught on to what she was laughing about. That frustrated him and he pinched the tender flesh at the young lady’s waist as he asked: “You dare to laugh? If I had not saved you earlier, you would already have been swallowed up by that thing in one big gulp!”

    But that one pinch caused the two people to freeze in their spots.

    Lou Jun Yao seemed to be surprised that the little fox’s body was so soft, and her waist was even more slender than before?

    Qing Yu was just startled by his actions. [How could this man pinch her so blatantly! ? Putting aside the fact that he had embraced her as the circumstances were dire, but here he is getting more and more overboard!]

    [In both her lives, no man has ever dared to do that to her before!]

    The young lady’s beautiful eyes looked like they were burning with two balls of flame, as she stared vehemently at him.

    “What?” Lou Jun Yao saw her eyes and arched up an eyebrow to ask.

    Qing Yu gritted her teeth silently and then said pausing between every single syllable: “Men and women should keep an appropriate distance between themselves. Can you please release your hand?”