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Chapter 131.2 - Are You Seducing Me?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 131.2: Are You Seducing Me?

    The man’s eyebrow raised up higher, and lowered his eyes to look. His hand was still clasped around the young lady’s waist at that moment, holding her tightly against him. Their bodies were so close there wasn’t even a gap between them and he could even feel her heartbeat.

    It was probably because she had been pulled into the water so suddenly and she had struggled a bit just now that the young lady’s clothes were now in slight disarray. Her tightly bound and closed colour had somehow loosened, opening up slightly, which exposed a patch of fair white skin and a beautiful set of collarbone, causing the man’s deep violet eyes to suddenly dim.

    He could still recall the time when she had been injured while undoing the curse he had been afflicted with. Her clothes had been stained with blood and he had wanted to help her change the clothes. But when he saw her beautifully slender neck had no sign of an adam’s apple, that was when he realized that she was really a girl.

    Her disguise had been so real, deceiving him for such a long time without being discovered, that the handsome, proud and unyielding youth was actually a beautiful and alluring girl. She had not shown the slightest sign of being a prissy young lady back then, but when dressed in women’s clothing, every single one of her gestures and mannerisms was just so enchanting and seductive.

    Even with her staring at him so furiously now, it was probably because that tiny face was just too exquisitely mesmerizing, her elongated phoenix like eyes so alluring, that was just so seductive whichever way he looked at her.

    Lou Jun Yao then laughed softly, his hand with well defined lines suddenly covering her eyes. “You must not look at me like that all the time.”

    Everything before her suddenly gone dark, Qing Yu was taken aback and she clenched her jaws tightly as she said: “What are you really intending to do?”

    “Hasn’t anyone told you that your eyes are just too mesmerizing?” The man’s low magnetic and sexy voice that was tinged with mirth rolled inside his chest, that felt as if a tiny soft brush passed gently grazed past her heart, a tingly little feeling.

    Qing Yu went speechless for a moment, her eyes that were covered blinked a couple of times, her long lashes lightly tickling the man’s palm. After a good while, she then said in an emotionless tone: “Do you always tease young ladies like that? You’ve really opened my eyes to a whole new world.”

    Lou Jun Yao sensed that her tone of voice sounded a little cold and he immediately released his grip, his eyes serious as he looked at her, looking like he minded the fact that she had misunderstood him. “Tease? I have never ever teased any ladies before.”

    [What a joke! He was the top man in the Dark Regions, would he need to lower himself so much to go tease anyone at all?]

    Because that woman in the Bright Moon Temple had come to indicate her admiration for him, it caused a rumour to spread like mad throughout the entire Cloud Heaven that he was involved with that woman for a period. That made all the other women who had always thrown him coy looks of admiration or harboured secret wishes towards him either openly or secretly to completely give up on any ideas they might have towards him.

    For no other reason than the fact that any man who caught the sight of the Bright Moon Temple’s Temple Lord, as Cloud Heaven’s greatest beauty of all, how could they possibly hope to compete? They might as well just give up.

    Because of that incident, Lou Jun Yao came to feel nothing but utter disgust for women from then on, and any woman who even cast their eyes his way a second time would infuriate him so much he had wanted to have their eyes dug out.