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Chapter 131.3 - Are You Seducing Me?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 131.3: Are You Seducing Me?

    So, something like him teasing young ladies could not possibly exist.

    Qing Yu was stumped for words when she saw the stern and serious expression on his face. It was a while before she managed to find her own voice. “If you haven’t done it, then it’s all good. Why are you getting so worked up…..”

    “This is a serious problem.” Lou Jun Yao continued to say very seriously. “In order to avoid having you misunderstand, I have to let you know that the Lord you will come to pledge your loyalty to is a man of upright integrity and strict with himself, who will never ever cause you to be ashamed, so you should really seriously consider it.”

    Qing Yu then queried: “Lord?”

    [Was she misunderstanding something here? Why can’t she understand what he is talking about? ?]

    Lou Jun Yao nodded. “A little crafty fox like you, who is hiding so many secrets inside, and also possess skills in Medicine that everyone covets, it is inevitable that you will attract the eye of people with dubious intentions. Only if you come with me to Cloud Heaven and remain by my side will I then be able to protect you.”

    Qing Yu found herself at a loss for words. “…..”

    [Where was this man getting all his confidence from? What does he mean by saying only he can protect her?]

    Qing Yu almost burst out laughing from anger as she looked at him out of the corner of her eye. “I come at a very high price and I fear that you will not be able to afford it.”

    Hearing that, the corners of Lou Jun Yao’s mouth curled up into an incredibly puzzling smile. “I have not much of anything else but just too much of those things in gold and silver. If you like them, it doesn’t matter even if I am to give them all to you.”

    Both he and Bai Zhi Yan had really given it a lot of thought, seeking to coax her into going to Cloud Heaven with them.

    Qing Yu just smiled and hold his words to heart. She lifted her eyes to look up and saw that the moon had shown itself above. Thinking that the Three Legged Devilwing must be gone, she moved her body thinking to swim up to the surface.

    Behind her, the man stared at her back and suddenly parted his lips. “Aren’t you curious what is really at the bottom of this lake?”

    Qing Yu paused. Without even turning her head, she replied: “That is your own business, and has nothing to do with me.”

    “What if it does have something to do with you?” Lou Jun Yao then asked.

    He was thinking that his guess was highly possibly correct. If it was true, then even if it was merely to make her request to go up into Cloud Heaven of her own accord, she should be made aware of it.

    As expected, Qing Yu turned herself around when she heard those words, the look in her eyes complicated. “What are you trying to say?”

    Lou Jun Yao’s lips arced up slightly and he held her with an arm, bringing her down deeper into the water. Because they were encased in water isolation barriers, they were no obstructed in any way underwater.

    “Your mother is someone from Cloud Heaven, and you have probably already guessed that.” Lou Jun Yao suddenly said softly.

    Qing Yu acknowledged softly.

    “Do you wish to see her?” Lou Jun Yao then asked.

    Qing Yu was stunned. “She….. is still alive?”

    [As she thought, what Yan Su told her was not the entire truth. Or at least, the part where she died from complications during birth was something she did not believe at all.]