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Chapter 131.4 - Are You Seducing Me?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 131.4: Are You Seducing Me?

    Lou Jun Yao saw how careful she was in getting her own hopes up and he sighed lightly. “She has died, but you also can’t really say she is completely dead.”

    “What do you mean?” Qing Yu asked with her brows furrowed up, not really understanding what he was saying.

    “Her flesh body is still completely intact but her spirit soul isn’t whole, fragmented and scattered across the various realms. If her spirit soul is fully gathered together, she can then be revived.” Lou Jun Yao explained.

    After hearing him explain, Qing Yu’s fingers unconsciously tightened together. “Why was her spirit soul broken up?”

    “It is a long story and it encompasses reasons that even I do not know about as well.” The tone of Lou Jun Yao’s voice sounded a little helpless and he then turned to look at her. Pausing for a moment, he then told her: “It seemed like it was because of a man.”

    Several chaotic scenes suddenly flashed in Qing Yu’s mind.

    One was Asura’s Hell with the sky turned a blood red shade, a red clothed woman and a black robed man tightly locked in an embrace. The dagger in her hand was plunged in the man’s chest, the smile on those lips one of despair, sorrowfully beautiful.

    Another one was of a man and woman ribbing each other in playful banter, their fingers interlocked with each other’s, their heads together, a joyful scene of happy bliss.

    These images flashed quickly through her mind, so fast that Qing Yu thought that she had been mistaken and had just imagined it. But deep down inside, she just knew that all of that had really happened in the past, as she had seen this several times in her dreams.

    [Because of a man?]

    Qing Yu did not want to think any deeper into it but she has just come to realize something. That man was killed by that woman’s own hands, but she had smiled so sorrowfully after that and said: “We can finally be together at last.”

    So after the man died, she had then chosen the most painful way to die. She destroyed all her cultivation, her spirit soul torn viciously apart, to suffer every bit of that brutal and tragic torment.

    But Qing Yu had clearly been able to feel just how much in love they had been, so why had they come to such a sorry end?

    She did not know how much time had passed, but her feet finally had something to stand on. They had reached the bottom of the lake.

    Before them, a gigantic clam shell sat half open, letting out a faint glow of light. A faint translucent figure of a person could be seen lying quietly inside, all curled up and not moving at all.

    Qing Yu froze, like her feet had rooted themselves into the ground, unable to muster up the courage to walk forward to see.

    “It’s really here.” Lou Jun Yao’s gaze sharpened. After so many years, he had finally found a sliver of Aunt Lan’s aura.

    It had been so close to where he was, and he had never once thought that the first fragment of the spirit soul he would find would be in a place like this.

    It was probably because she was unable to leave her very own flesh and blood behind.