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Chapter 132.1 - Indiscernible Palpitations

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 132.1: Indiscernible Palpitations

    He turned around to look at the young lady beside him and saw that the expression on her face a rather grim, and the hands at her sides were unconsciously tightly clenched up as she stood there in hesitation, not daring to go forward at all, seeming very nervous.

    Lou Jun Yao could not help but laugh and then patted her softly on the shoulder as he said in a gentle voice: “That is just a sliver of a spirit soul and it does not have its own consciousness, so it would not be able to speak. There is no need for you to be so nervous.”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu then lifted her eyes up to look at him. When she received an affirming look from that pair of violet eyes, she then went walking slowly forward.

    She crouched down lightly, watching that ephemeral sliver of spirit soul carefully. What she saw was really just a human shaped figure, and its facial features could not be seen, so she was not able to ascertain anything from it. But for some unknown reason, an indescribable feeling came to rise up inside her.

    The was a sudden feeling of closeness and love, an amazing telepathic touch on the soul. She was suddenly at a loss, not knowing what to do as she had never lost her composure like this before.

    Her parents from her past life had already left her before she was even able to see them at all.

    She had grown up under the care of her very strict grandfather, Grandfather had never showed her any concern with soft and gentle words, but just asked her to work hard on her cultivation, admonishing her harshly with a fierce face when she committed a wrong, and nothing else.

    Hence, her personality turned to become cold. She did not know what kinship was like. Maybe when she was young, before she came to realize the kind of romantic love Qing Tian Lin had towards her, she had foolishly thought that was the kind of care and concern from a kin.

    At that moment, she remained there in a crouch, staring unblinkingly at the weak glow of the spirit soul. Her gaze was filled with longing, and her eyes were misted over. It was a most natural emotion that arose from deep within, one that she was unable to resist at all.

    She reached her hand out slowly wanting to go touch, and a miracle happened right at that moment.

    Even Lou Jun Yao’s irises had enlarged in incredulity for an instant.

    The figure whose facial features could not be seen, the spirit soul that did not possess the slightest inkling of consciousness then suddenly seemed to be drawn to some unseen force, where a part of its hand suddenly moved, slowing rising up, before it slowly moved to come touch the young lady’s outstretched hand.

    It was clear to see that it should have been impossible to touch, the ephemeral spirit soul would surely pass right through. But in that instant, she seemed to have felt the deeply entrenched feelings that poured out from that spirit soul.

    “Lou Jun Yao…..” She heard her own voice trembling slightly. “How do we bring her away from here?”

    Lou Jun Yao looked at her through narrowed eyes and then spread his palm open. A water spirit pearl about the size of a baby’s fist suddenly appeared, and the spirit soul inside the clam shell then delved itself inside on its own.

    “This is a Soul Nourishing Orb. Her spirit soul is too weak and needs to recuperate in there.” Lou Jun Yao said, and the orb then gradually disappeared from his hand.

    The two people then swam up to the water’s surface and sat under the Lake Central Pavilion. Qing Yu’s eyes were lowered as she stared into the still water, its calm restored. After a long while, her voice softly sounded. “Did you know my mother?”