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Chapter 132.2 - Indiscernible Palpitations

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 132.2: Indiscernible Palpitations

    “She is an elder I greatly respect.” Lou Jun Yao’s lips arced up. “I have known her for a good hundred years.”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu’s expression was a little complicated as she looked at him. “You’re already a few hundred years old?”

    Although she knew that the lifespan of people in Cloud Heaven was extraordinarily long, but the man before her looked to be only about twenty years old at most. No matter how you look at him, he did not look like a person who had lived for more than a hundred years.

    Lou Jun Yao’s face expressed surprise and he then said: “Cloud Heaven is different from the lower level realms and the age its people live up to will naturally be much higher. If I remember it correctly, your mother is already more than three hundred years old and you…..”

    Speaking up till that point, he then paused, his voice a little grim as he continued. “She must have used some special secret technique to prevent you from growing up, otherwise, you should be at least fifty or sixty years old by now.”

    Qing Yu’s eyes grew deep in thought. “Fifty or sixty years old? But my mother….. was still around just over a decade ago.”

    According to what Yan Su said, her mother had died from difficulties that occurred during childbirth and she was now only fourteen years old….. That didn’t really make sense so what had really happened?

    “That’s merely a trick to deceive peoples’ eyes.” Lou Jun Yao said as he shook his head lightly. “She has disappeared from Cloud Heaven for almost a hundred years already, so how could it only be just over a decade since it happened?”

    In that instant, it was as if a particular taut string suddenly snapped in her mind, feeling like she had forgotten something very important.

    Under a blood coloured sky, a beautiful red clothed woman was kneeling on the ground, a pair of children with exquisite looks carried in her arms. Her face could not be seen clearly but her lips that were tinged with a faint smile as she planted a gentle kiss on the foreheads of the two children.

    “I offer a hundred years of my cultivation and flesh body up as sacrifice, to seal my children’s memories in dust, to halt their growth, for them to reincarnate and change their lives, reborn into a different world, living their lives in peace and joy, free from worry.”

    “Mother’s children, forgive Mother for being so cruel, who hope that you will both grow up safely, and will never ever remember all these painful matters.”

    “I’m sorry. If there is a next life, Mother will come to you to atone for my sins, but in this life, I cannot leave him to be alone on his own.”

    “Mother loves the both of you…..”

    Qing Yu felt a splitting headache in that instant as the images played out in her mind. The scene was clearly one she had never seen before but it felt so real like she had experienced it personally before.

    Seeing her brows furrow up so tightly and cold sweat had formed on her forehead, Lou Jun Yao pressed one hand against her back and a gentle power slowly flowed into her body, that gradually dissipated the pain.

    “Feeling better?” Lou Jun Yao asked with great concern.

    Qing Yu nodded her head, indicating she was fine.