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Chapter 132.3 - Indiscernible Palpitations

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 132.3: Indiscernible Palpitations

    Lou Jun Yao looked at her and his eyes softened. “Leave Aunt Lan’s matter to me. Rest assured that you will meet with her one day.”

    It was then that Qing Yu came to realize that he had been addressing her mother as Aunt Lan. She could not help but ask him: “What….. is her name?”

    “Your mother’s surname is the same as yours. She is surnamed Qing, Qing Lan Fei.”

    [Qing Lan Fei…..]

    [So it turns out that her name from before is not real. She has indeed been reincarnated and living a different life with many things that have changed.]

    Qing Yu ‘s gaze glinted and she then said softly. “Thank you.”

    Lou Jun Yao was taken aback. “Thanks for what?”

    This seemed to the be first time he can remember the little fox ever saying these two words to him. Between them, besides the instance where she had saved his life right in the beginning and she then got drawn into trouble that almost got her killed while saving him which evened things out between them, they had made use of each other after that in turns who never called for them to have to use the words “thank you” at all.

    This time, it was perhaps only because of Aunt Lan that she had come to soften her stance towards him.

    Hearing that, Qing Yu looked at him seriously and said: “Thank you for being so concerned about my mother. With my current ability, I am not able to resurrect her but you can, so I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart.”

    “I am really not used to seeing you being so courteous.” Lou Jun Yao said with a laugh.

    This time, Qing Yu did not rebutt him but went on to say: “No matter what, I still have to thank you. If you need any help in future, as long as it is within my capabilities, I will definitely do everything I can.”

    He had not thought that things would turn out getting such a promise out from her. What an unexpected pleasant surprise.

    But having come to know that she was indeed Aunt Lan’s daughter, the great opinion he had had of her all this time now became even more favourable, even though this little fox was temperamental and blows hot and cold as and when she liked.

    But it might perhaps be because he had seen too many people who bowed their heads and bent their back before him, trying to win his favour, so this felt rather refreshing to him instead. Of course he had not really given it much thought as anyone else who dared to be so disrespectful to him would have already died by a thousand cuts several hundred times by now.

    The night grew deeper and the deep autumn’s weather was exceptionally chilly, the cold seeping into one bones. The young lady was dressed in just a suit of thin white clothes and her figure was so slender and frail. Moreover, the expression on her face was a little sad at that moment so she looked just so pitifully helpless.

    Before he even realized anything was happening, his body was already reacting before anything else.

    His hand reached up to undo his purple outer robe and he draped it over the young lady’s shoulders. When his eyes came to meet her surprised gaze, he just said with a flinch: “It’s cold. Go back and get some rest.”