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Chapter 132.4 - Indiscernible Palpitations

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 132.4: Indiscernible Palpitations

    Where had Qing Yu ever experienced such caring actions from others before? She immediately felt rather awkward and she reached her hand up to tug at the piece of clothing on her shoulders, about to pull it off and return it to him.

    “I’m not cold…..”

    “Your hands are cold as ice and you’re saying that you’re not cold?” Lou Jun Yao said as he held the back of her hand, his brows creased together, the expression on his face saying “You’re just lying through your teeth.”

    Qing Yu was stumped for words. [How was she supposed to explain that it was because she had been practising the Burial Soul Arts since young and that was why her body was innately cold? Even on a hot and scorching summer’s day, her body would still remain cold and chilly like this.]

    She merely sighed. “Alright then. Thank you. I’ll return the clothes to you another day.”

    Upon saying that, she then pulled the robe tighter around her and turned to walk out of the pavilion, crossing over the wooden bridge as she left.

    Behind her, Lou Jun Yao curled up his lips and suddenly called out: “Little fox.”

    “Hm?” Qing Yu halted her steps, and turned her head to look at him.

    Being being resistant towards this nickname in the beginning, she had slowly grown numb to it and became used to hearing him call her that. Although she felt that she was completely nothing like a wolf at all, it was like they were such sly and crafty creatures afterall, so how could she possibly be anything like them?

    She really didn’t know what this strange and eccentric man could be thinking.

    The moon’s rays were clear and brilliant, almost seemingly bright as day, and everything surrounding them could be seen clearly.

    The young lady’s pair of long alluring eyes had one corner lifted up slightly as they peered at him, so mesmerizing that they could bring ruin upon cities and countries. One would probably not be able to find another pair of eyes as magically enchanting as hers, where just a brief glance at them would make people willing to offer up everything they had.

    It was said that the pair of demonic violet eyes belonging to the Lord of the Dark Regions was the most terrifying weapon, and no one dared to meet his gaze.

    But this young lady’s alluring eyes that had a clear limpidness in them were however more than that, able to unconsciously put one under an intricate and inescapable spell without anyone knowing a thing.

    She then just looked at him silently, patiently waiting for him to speak, and in that pair of beautiful looking eyes, it seemed like they were looking at nothing else but him, that flawless and exquisite face under the silvery glow of moonlight dreamily enchanting, tugging at one’s heart unconsciously.

    Lou Jun Yao cursed under his breath. [This little fox is really as skilled in the art of seduction just like a fox, doing nothing else but just standing there, but making it impossible to ignore that mesmerizing charm she exuded.]

    [She is already like this when she is still so young, when she fully blossoms after a few more years, it would be impossible for any man to resist her charms. No. Maybe not just the men. He still has not forgotten how many girl’s hearts the little fox had stolen when she dressed herself up as a man.

    Qing Yu stared puzzledly at the man’s changing and unreadable expressions on his face. “What do you want to say?”

    [Is it that hard to say it?]

    Finally, Lou Jun Yao took a deep breath and looked a little helpless as he said: “It’s nothing. I just wanted to say that if you encounter any problems in future, do not hesitate to come find me.”