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Chapter 133.1 - Such Displays Of Affection

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 133.1: Such Displays Of Affection

    It seemed as though he had always spared no effort in delivering himself up to her for use, despite the fact that there were times she did not reciprocate his efforts.

    Thinking about that, he thought it was probably due to Aunt Lan and that was why he was exceptionally caring about her.

    Qing Yu’s lips curled up, never thinking that he had called out to her just to tell her this. The frown upon her brows immediately eased which lent a stunning radiance to that already beautiful face. She then replied: “Sure.”

    The tone of her voice was filled with a kind of gentleness he had never heard before.

    Lou Jun Yao was stunned into a daze for a split moment. For such a cold and indifferent young lady to turn back and reveal such a sincere smile, that one instant felt so gently warm like he had never felt before, a moment he would never forget.

    On the one eventful night, it seemed a change was silently occurring.

    The next day, Qing Bei was about to knock on his sister’s room door when he discovered that the door was loosely pulled shut, and its occupant seemed to have gone out.

    He was a little puzzled as he pushed the door to go inside, and he saw that the room was empty just like he had thought.

    Oh right, except for the sorrowful looking ball of coal sitting up upon the soft lounge chair a short distance away, staring into a particular direction diagonally to one side.

    The large and expressive blue limpid eyes were so sad that it made one’s heart wince. Even Qing Bei who was not one that would quickly succumb to tiny adorable creatures could not bear to just walk away at that moment but strode forward to ask in concern: “What’s wrong Meatball?”

    [Has she been scolded? That isn’t really possible. Sis pampers the little thing so much all the time, so how could she bear to scold her?]

    Meatball heaved out in a long sigh and then looked into the worried looking youth’s eyes before it asked: “Mother….. might not love me anymore.”

    Qing Bei was befuddled. “What do you mean?”

    Meatball closed its eyes in deep sorrow as it stretched a little paw out to point in a particular direction. “I fell asleep last night and when I woke up, I discovered that Mother was not around, so I thought I should go out to look for her. But Mother came back after a while and she brought this back!”

    Qing Bei was still feeling rather puzzled as he turned his head to look in the direction the paw was pointed into. That one look then made him freeze in his spot.

    On the sideboard over there, was a neatly folded purple coloured robe, its material exceptionally exquisite and luxurious, and it could be seen from just one look that it was highly expensive, not something that any ordinary person would be able to afford to wear.

    But that was not the most important point. What’s important was that it was men’s clothing.

    Meatball saw him freeze in his spot and it seemed to find itself at that moment as it went on to complain: “Do you think that Mother has another man outside and that is why she sneaked herself out in the middle of the night to secretly meet with him? I saw that she was in such a good mood when she came back! !”

    Meatball’s mouth immediately shriveled up and it looked like it was going to cry. “Meatball only wants Mother and does not want a father. He will snatch Mother away from me.”

    Qing Bei did not know what to say. “…..”

    [It’s just a piece of clothing and the little beast was able to dream up such a ludicrous thing.]