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Chapter 133.2 - Such Displays Of Affection

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 133.2: Such Displays Of Affection

    [But that piece of clothing did look rather familiar though.]

    Here he was trying to comfort the overly imaginative and exasperating little thing when Qing Yu’s voice sounded at the door outside. “What are the two of you up to?”

    She was carrying an exquisite looking lunchbox and it looked like it was filled with all kinds of delicious food from the Wholesome Meal House inside.

    “Where did you go Sis?” Qing Bei asked as he looked at the beast who was tugging at his sleeve persistently as it wiped at the non existent tears on its face. He then gave a helpless laugh and continued to say: “I saw this little fella looking so pitifully sad and sorrowful when I came here and I thought that you scolded her!”

    “Hm?” Qing Yu raised up an eyebrow and then turned to look at that tiny highly aggrieved little beast. Didn’t you say that you smelled something that moved your heart the last time? It’s the Wholesome Meal House’s latest product, guaranteed to make one fall in love with it at first bite, their Swallow Prawn Cake. I went out to buy it for you before daybreak and here you are feeling so aggrieved.”

    Upon hearing that there was delicious food for it to eat, the little beast’s eyes brightened but still looked a little depressed.

    Qing Yu was then slightly distressed. “What happened to her?”

    [She would have immediately pounced upon hearing there was food but she was holding back and not moving at all today?]

    Qing Bei’s lips stiffened and he pointed with his chin as he said: “She saw that piece of clothing over there and has been depressed till now, saying that you have a man outside and does not love her anymore.”

    Qing Yu then glanced in speechlessness at the brocade robe she had not had time to keep away. “…..”

    It was quite helplessly tiring to have such a drama queen as a beloved pet at times.

    Qing Yu then looked at the aggrieved looking little beast with an unreadable smile and said: “I will count to three, and if you do not come over to eat, I will then throw it all to the dogs in the backyard. One…… Two…..”

    She had just counted to two when the little beast then leapt over in a flying pounce to snatch the lunchbox away, its face wary as it stared straight at her with its large eyes. “This is Meatball’s, it is not for the dogs.”

    Qing Yu was so tickled by the little beast’s antics that she almost broke the facade she had put up to burst out in laughter, but she managed to maintain the cool and indifferent look. “Take it outside and eat. Mother has something I need to discuss with your uncle.”

    “Orh.” The little ball of coal answered and then went toddling outside as it turned its head to look back every few steps it took.

    Qing Bei could not help it but burst out laughing. After laughing it all out, he had not forgotten to ask about the more important stuff. “Does the robe belong to that man in the Gathered Cloud Loft?”

    From what he could remember, there was only that man who had usually worn purple and was on slightly closer terms to her.

    “It does.” Qing Yu nodded, and then considered the matter for a while before she decided to tell him about last night’s events. Afterall, the two of them were twins and there wasn’t anything much that she would be able to hide from him for long.

    After she told him everything that happened, just as she had expected, Qing Bei fell into a daze for a long while. Perhaps he was not able to digest the news that had come so suddenly.

    Qing Yu was in no hurry and she waited patiently for him to be able to react.