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Chapter 133.3 - Such Displays Of Affection

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 133.3: Such Displays Of Affection

    After a long while, the youth’s slightly hoarse sounding voice then came out from his mouth. “Is our Mother….. really still alive?”

    Qing Yu nodded and said softly to him: “She is still alive, but the journey towards having her come awake might be a long and arduous one.”

    “That does not matter at all! As long as she is still alive, anything is still possible!” Qing Bei exclaimed with his fists clenched, his voice resolute and determined. “At least she has not really abandoned us right?”

    The youth’s gaze was a little fervent as he looked at her, like he was very eager to hear her answer.

    All this while, he had always pined for kinship with an almost mad fervour. Even when he knew that Yan Su was not his biological father all this time, he had wished so hard to gain any little bit of his attention, making himself so petty and small though he was such a proud person deep inside his bones, but he just did not want to accept defeat.

    Qing Yu gave a long sigh and she brushed her fingers gently over his face as she said gently: “Of course it doesn’t. Our Mother is the best, and no matter what the reason was that she had to leave us, there is one thing we must not forget. She has always missed us.”

    Those words somehow comforted Qing Bei’s heart that was filled with frustration and much unease and his handsome face showed a joyful smile. “I believe it. I have always believed that.”

    To have unexpectedly gained news about their mother just before they were going to join the Faint Mist Sect, it was undoubtedly something to be happy about for them.

    But, with their mother’s spirit soul split and scattered over different places, how hard would it be to gather her soul together and have her resurrected?

    But all those worries was something she did not share with Qing Bei.

    A month’s time was not that long nor was it all that short as well, but time was still passing a day at a time.

    The leaves on the trees turned yellow and gradually fell, except for those plants that did not fear the bitter cold and continued to bloom throughout the four seasons in a year, greenery grew less and less, turning the place to look desolate and lonely.

    It was not so bad in places where it was warmer, for the kingdom on the water Water’s Edge that was surrounded by the sea on all four sides, it was pure ice and snow. Icy snow could be seen piled up everywhere, unmelting throughout the year. Everytime winter came, the congealed snow on the mountains would only melt in the subsequent year’s summer, so it could be seen just how bitterly cold and unforgiving the weather in the Water’s Edge Kingdom was.

    With such chilly and frozen weather, the Water’s Edge people really wished they could just snuggle up inside their blankets till the season has passed.

    A lone desolate figure was standing quietly outside the Limitless Sect’s doors, tall and well built. When everyone else were wrapped up in thick and heavy winter clothes, he was dressed only in one single layer, an ink coloured brocade robe, alone and solemn.

    Snowflakes floated down in thick flurries, falling onto his silver hair, and the figure quickly disappeared from sight in a blink. The ink coloured robe was gradually covered by the flurries of snow, and it was soon impossible to even see its colour. That person did not move at all, and it was not known how long he had been standing in the snow, his entire body almost blending in completely together with the snow.