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Chapter 133.4 - Such Displays Of Affection

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 133.4: Such Displays Of Affection

    When Ah Jin came out from the palace, what met his eyes was that very scene.

    Dawn was just breaking over the horizon at that moment as daybreak came late in winter, but he still woke up as early as before, not expecting to see that. It was not known when that man had already woken up, and judging from the thick layer of snow on his clothes, it would at least have been four hours ago.

    Although who practiced cultivation possessed spirit energy to protect their bodies and were not afraid of the cold, but the weather in Water’s Edge was not just ordinarily cold, its temperature many tens of times lower than the winters of most other regions. He was afterall a mortal born with a flesh body, so how could he possibly be able to withstand nature’s calamity like this?

    Ah Jin heaved a long sigh and went to fetch an umbrella from inside. He opened it up and then went walking outside. Shielding him from the flurrying snow, Ah Jin then said: “My Lord, it’s cold out here. You should go inside.”

    This man had always showed scant care for his own body like this all the time. Especially when he was in a bad mood, he would always like to do something highly extreme like this to cool himself down and to clear his mind.

    However, Ah Jin would very much rather he be like what people outside said he was. A brutal and bloodthirsty murderer who killed without batting an eye. As when he was like that, he would at least be able to vent out everything he held suppressed inside, and not let it pile up inside his heart day after day, where he would then grow to become more depressed and grim.

    Qing Ye Li felt his thoughts being dragged back from a faraway distant place and his dark green eyes were half narrowed. His eyelashes that were longer and lusher than a woman’s were covered in a layer of frost because they had not moved for a long period of time and when he blinked, tiny specks of snowy glitter fell from his eyes.

    He raised his eyes up to gaze far into the horizon, like he was seeing a certain place, or a particular person there.

    “Winter’s come so soon.” The cold and clear magnetic voice sounded out softly.

    Ah Jin was taken aback and he then said with a laugh. “My Lord, you are in the Water’s Edge Kingdom and this is already your fourteenth year here. Haven’t you gotten used to the early winters that come to the Water’s Edge?”

    Under the cover of the mask, his expression could not be seen, but just his voice could be heard. “So fourteen years have passed…..”

    So he had muddled through so many years in what felt to be just a blink of an eye.

    He had once thought to live through this dull and insipid life just like that till the day he dies, never having once thought that the Heavens would actually still care about him.

    Qing Ye Li’s gaze suddenly softened. He then said: “Ah Jin, tidy up everything there is to deal with here in this place quickly. I want to return to her side as soon as I can.”

    Ah Jin naturally knew who Qing Ye Li was talking about.

    The portrait that had been carefully kept for so many years, one that other people were not allowed to even take a single glance at, the one person whom the man kept right at the tip of his heart.

    He could still remember just before they left, when the man had held the young lady in his arms, his eyes had quietly turned red at the rims.

    The man who had always been cold and heartless, one who did not care about anything before his eyes, had seemed to give all his warmth and feelings onto just this one person. It was a look no one had never seen before, a highly moving scene.