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Chapter 135.1 - Narcissism. Needs to be Treated

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 135.1: Narcissism. Needs to be Treated

    The next day, outside the Duke of Eternal Peace Manor, the two royal concubines were holding their daughters hands, reluctantly bidding them goodbye. They even secretly stuffed quite a significant amount of money from their own secret stashes, afraid that they would be bullied by others in the Faint Mist Sect where there was no one to look after them.

    On the other side, Yan Su merely reminded the twins, Qing Yu and Qing Bei to give it their all, and to help each other out together with Yan Ning Luo after they get in, for them to become closer to each other. He told them that Yan Ning Luo had been inside for quite a number of years already anyway and would have established relations, so she would be able to take care of them a little as well.

    Qing Yu merely smiled without saying a word, while Qing Bei went on to acknowledge, to make it a little less awkward for Yan Su.

    Because there were four of them altogether, Yan Su had specially arranged for the widest and most comfortable horse carriage in the manor for them, to bring to the Faint Mist Sect.

    But just as he was about to get someone to drive the carriage out, she suddenly heard the sound going “clippety clop” coming in from a distance away. Everyone could not help themselves but crane their necks out to look. What they saw immediately caused their eyes to bulge.

    They saw a horse carriage being slowly driven round a bend, the body of the entire black carriage car incredibly sleek, simple and luxurious. Tassels embroidered with threads of gold trimmed the sides of the roof, which was a really nice touch. But what was most surprising was that the horse right at the front looked really special. Although its body was no different from any other horse, but they just could not help but feel that something seemed a little off.

    The horse carriage came to a stop slowly in front of them. The driver was a handsome and rather good natured looking man. Qing Yu then came to recall that it was the man who had been standing at the doors and was sleeping with his eyes wide open when she went to the Gathered Cloud Loft on one occasion.

    Seeing that, Yan Su took a couple of steps forward and opened his mouth to ask: “And this gentleman is…..?”

    The man smiled but his gaze was looking at the young lady behind Yan Su. “By the orders of my Lord, I came here to escort Miss Qing Yu to the Faint Mist Sect.”

    The moment those words came out, several pairs of eyes immediately turned to fix upon Qing Yu, to looking at her measuringly.

    Standing at the side, Qing Yu lifted an eyebrow and her eyes were fixed upon the strange looking full jet black horse with a bright sleek coat. It was trampling its hooves impatiently in spot, snorting loudly through its nostrils, like it had nowhere to vent its frustrations and was feeling highly aggrieved.

    [That guy Lou Jun Yao….. really has turned it into a horse to pull the carriage!]

    “I wonder who might be your Lord?” Yan Su was still a little worried. Although he did not know what kind of an acquaintance Qing Yu might have come to make outside, but just by looking at the man driving the carriage and the subtly muted luxury of the highly expensive carriage that seemed to be more than what it looked like on the surface, he knew that the person must possess an extraordinary background.

    Though the lass did indeed possess some great capabilities, but she was afterall still very young, and would fall for the deceit of people with impure intentions.

    The coachman was just able to say something when Qing Yu interrupted by voicing out: “It’s a friend of mine and Father does not have to worry about it. This friend of mine is someone trustworthy and moreover…..”