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Chapter 135.2 - Narcissism. Needs to be Treated

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 135.2: Narcissism. Needs to be Treated

    Her gaze fixed upon the strange horse, she contemplated for a while on the approach to take before she slowly opened her mouth to say: “The steed is actually a spirit beast and its legs takes it over long distances very quickly, several times the speed of ordinary horses. It is also vert steady and I think my two elder sisters will not be able to tolerate a bumpy ride filled with too many jolts, so let us just take this carriage instead.”

    The moment they heard that the carriage would not jolt, Yan Xi Wu was already subconsciously nodding her head in agreement. “That’s right Father. We’ll just take this carriage. Since it’s a friend Qing Yu’s, our dear little sister, everything will be fine.”

    Beside her, Yan Xi Rou also quipped softly in agreement.

    Hearing that, what else could he possibly say? He could only look at Qing Yu thoughtfully as he weighed the situation and then reminded them of a few things before he let them leave.

    The few of them climbed up into the carriage but Qing Yu did not move, standing right in front of the horse carriage as she looked at the unfortunate beast looking extremely grumpy. She then reached her hand out suddenly and stroked the beast’s head as she said in a gentle voice: “This must be so hard on you.”

    The eyes of the man driving the coach almost popped out of his head as he stared. [This little young miss is such a bold one! She dares to go touch a Lightning Blaze Unicorn! ?]

    It must be known that the horn on its head was the strongest weapon throughout the beast’s body so their heads must never ever be touched. That spot was an absolute taboo for anyone except for its owner and whoever else touches it would definitely be killed.

    The man broke out in a bout of cold sweat from fright and he was already thinking in his mind whether he should go back to fetch help as he would not be able to control an enraged Lightning Blaze Unicorn like this with his own power alone. Moreover, he had heard that this young miss was highly valued by the Lord, so if she should come to meet with any harm, wouldn’t his head be made to shift house?

    But who would have thought. That fella was unexpectedly calm and did not make a single sound, but just stared with its beastly eyes flared wide and its face in shock at the young lady before it.

    Qing Yu laughed and stretched her hand out to stroke its head once more. “Although I tried my best to refuse, but your Lord’s mind was set and he was just too stubborn. So, in order to make it up to you, why not I roast a rabbit for you next time? Erm….. and I’ll throw in a chicken as well?”

    Almost the same moment that she had just finished her words, the pair of beastly eyes then blinked happily, and then blinked at her again, before it obediently nudged its head against the young lady’s palm, docile and tame.

    The man driving the coach was nearly blinded by that sight.

    [Goodness, was the person he saw just earlier who accidentally touched the Lightning Blaze Unicorn’s body and then died a violent death when the beast drove its horn right through the man’s body just an hallucination?]

    After having appeased the Lightning Blaze Unicorn, Qing Yu then climbed herself up into the carriage.

    She had just pulled the curtain aside to step inside when she froze in her spot.