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Chapter 135.3 - Narcissism. Needs to be Treated

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 135.3: Narcissism. Needs to be Treated

    She saw that the insides of the carriage had a thick layer of snowy white covering spread over the floor, seeming to be the fur of some kind of spirit beast, so even if one were to fall, it would not hurt. Placed right in the middle, was an ornate little low table, with tea and several dishes of snacks. In a corner at the foot of the table, there was also a small intricate little warmer.

    Qing Yu’s eyes glinted sharply and the voice of the man driving the coach suddenly came in: “Miss Qing Yu, my Lord said that you should keep the warmer by your side and when it isn’t warm anymore, you just have to add some Fire Spirit Grass for it to work. There’s a small box under the table and you’ll find some of that inside.”

    Hearing that, she then saw that there was indeed a small square box under the table.

    Actually, there was some warmth in the carriage itself and it was not cold at all, but it was just that Qing Yu’s body was always cold and at such a low temperature.

    Hence, even if it was warm in there, she did not feel it at all, as she had become so used to it, not feeling cold at all.

    But, it was afterall all done with good intentions. Qing Yu carried the warmer in her hands and then said softly: “Can I trouble you to convey my thanks to your Lord when you go back?”

    The man outside the carriage said in a bright voice with a smile: “The young miss need not be so courteous. My Lord owes you for having saved his life and all these does not require much effort at all. So it’s nothing worth mentioning.”

    And Qing Yu did not respond any further to that.

    But Yan Xi Wu who was seated right beside her shuffled over to her and asked in very softly: “Is this from that man from the Gathered Cloud Loft?”

    Although she wasn’t really sure, but she just had a feeling it was him in her heart. Back at the Hades’ Valley, she had seen just how attentive that man had been towards Qing Yu. Although she had initially been highly jealous, she was now just filled with envy.

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow, but wasn’t surprised that she was able to guess it correctly, but just replied to her with a simple: “Yes”

    Yan Xi Wu’s expression showed a triumphant “Just as I thought.” but her heart felt a sense of sourness that came out of nowhere.

    Her mind was filled with thoughts of the man whose looks were so good looking that he might be immortal and was too deep and profound to decipher, who viewed the entire world to be beneath him. How could he not even give her a single glance but was so friendly and amicable to Qing Yu, showing her the utmost care and concern?

    She purse up her lips and then turned to Qing Yu to ask: “Have you come to like that man?”

    Qing Yu’s gaze sharpened and the expression on her face was baffled. “What?”

    Yan Xi Wu assumed that she just wasn’t ready to admit it. “Even if you have not, that man definitely likes you.”

    Qing Yu did not say a word, but just looked at her silently.

    Yan Xi Wu then became even more depressed as her slim fingers caressed her own face. “I am clearly also so beautiful as well, but he did not even glance at me once. And then looking at you here…..”

    Yan Xi Wu was just about to pick on any shortcomings but when she saw that absolutely flawless and perfect looking face, she fell silent, finding herself at a loss for words. After a while, she then said: “Besides just that face, your temperament is not as soft and enchanting as mine, and you know nothing about needlework, music and chess, skills a respectable fair lady must possess. So why had he come to have taken a liking to you?”