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Chapter 135.4 - Narcissism. Needs to be Treated

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 135.4: Narcissism. Needs to be Treated

    Qing Yu was speechless. “…..” [Narcissism is an illness. Needs to be treated.]

    The horse carriage drawn by a high grade spirit beast was just amazing. Not only did they feel the least bit of queasiness, even when they were travelling over bumpy and uneven mountain roads, it felt as if they were on flat ground, the entire journey peaceful and uneventful.

    The journey to the Faint Mist Sect was far and distant, and it required at least a day’s time even by fast horses. But although it was clear to see that the Lightning Blaze Unicorn clearly had not travelled at a very fast speed, they had somehow come to reach the foot of the mountain to go into the Faint Mist Sect in less than a day.

    Quite a good amount of people have come to gather at the place in succession as an appointed disciple from the Faint Mist Sect would come to lead the way when the time came, to settle them into an inn at the foot of the mountain for the time being. They would wait till it was time for the trials before they would be allowed inside the sect. Hence, even if these people have arrived an entire day earlier, they would not be able to enter yet.

    There was a rather large inn at the foot of the mountain, and it had no problems accomodating a few hundred people.

    The only thing that was not good about it was that the condition of the inn wasn’t exactly in good shape being located in the wilderness. The furniture and beds looked extremely simple and crude, and the food served was bland and tasteless. The young youths who were so used to splendid clothes and luxurious food were naturally unable to put up with such poor and dilapidated conditions, immediately breaking out in complaint.

    “Tsk, are all you brats here to sightsee in leisure? There is only this one single inn of mine within a hundred mile radius of the Faint Mist Sect. You can jolly well choose not to stay. Just leave and I will not be seeing you off.” From the back of the main hall, a woman about thirty years of age dressed in plain and simple clothes said, her face clean and free from any rouge or powder. She seemed to be a gentle and harmless woman, but just for a pair of sharp and intelligent eyes.

    She cast her gaze out of the corner of her eyes scathingly as she looked upon the crowd outside the inn, and then curled up a corner of her mouth in a meaning smile before she said: “Don’t complain that I did not remind you. There is nothing else here at night but just a good number of hungry wolves and ferocious large cats. You can still make it if you leave now, otherwise when it turns dark, who knows what will happen?”

    She said that with an evil smile on her lips and did not speak another word after that.

    The next second, all the youths who had been complaining with utter contempt and disdain suddenly all surged themselves forward in a rush, fighting to be ahead of the others as they hollered: “Proprietor! I’ll be staying. Give me your best room!”

    They were afterall mostly still inexperienced young teens who had not seen much of the world, hence they were still fearful of such unknown dangers. Of course there were also those stubborn ones who still did not come in and even said with derisive scorn: “Making up such tall tales. There are really no lack of black hearted people who thrive on earning money through such evil means everywhere.”

    Those words were not said in a soft voice and the woman had naturally heard him. She merely laughed it off casually and did not offer a rebuttal to that.

    Qing Yu watched the scene quietly from the side and then arched up an eyebrow before making her way inside. A slender hand was suddenly placed onto the counter right before the woman, leaving a small green crystal stone the size of a bird’s egg.

    “Give me the quietest room you have for four people.”