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Chapter 136.1 - Frankly Expressed Goodwill

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 136.1: Frankly Expressed Goodwill

    The voice was clear and pronounced, tinged with an innate aloofness and noble.

    The woman was taken aback a moment and she then raised her eyes up, to see an exquisite and flawlessly beautiful young lady with the edges of her mouth slightly curved up. Her long upswept phoenix like eyes had a hint of a smile in them, neither too passionate nor cold. In that chilly weather, she was dressed only in thin white clothes, extremely eye catching among the crowd, especially her highly outstanding looks.

    The woman then looked at the clear bright coloured crystal on the countertop and her eyes narrowed. If she was not mistaken, that was the crystal core of a level six spirit beast at the very least, which would fetch a high price of some tens of millions in the black market, enough to buy several inns that was bigger than this one she had.

    She thought that maybe the young lady did not know the value of the gem and had ignorantly just taken out such a precious treasure.

    Although she loved money quite a lot, but she would never want to cheat ignorant young ladies like this. She went on to push the crystal gem back with a stern expression, although feeling a little reluctant, but she held on to her principals. “Little missy, this is worth too much and I do not have any crystal gems of sufficient value to give back as change, and neither do I have enough cash on hand.”

    Qing Yu was a little surprised. She had thought that the money loving proprietress would have accepted it, never expecting that she would take the moral stand, and the smile on her face immediately deepened slightly. “The proprietress must accept it. It is affinity that we’ve come to meet and let’s just take it as a token of our newfound friendship.”

    The woman was startled for a moment. The young lady looked like she was a pampered and sheltered young miss from a rich family and she had not thought that the young lady would know how to deal with people so well, and had such a generous hand.

    She had always liked people like this.

    With that thought in her mind, the woman then smiled and said: “In that case, I will accept it. I have never been a wishy washy person. Besides me, there are four other waiters in this inn. My name is Qiao Wei and you can call me Sister Wei.”

    Qing Yu nodded with a smile and then called her Sister Wei.

    Qiao Wei’s eyes curved into two crescents and her lips turned up into a smile. Although she did not possess an exactly stunning or particularly unforgettable countenance, she was still highly good looking when she smiled, a look that cheered people’s hearts to see.

    “Money Leopard, bring this young lady here to our best room and make sure to serve them well.”

    As Qiao Wei’s voice fell, a tall thin man came walking over. His long thin face was all smiles as he said eagerly: “Will the young missy please follow me?”

    Qing Yu nodded slightly. Seeing that, Qing Bei, Yan Xi Wu and Yan Xi Rou beside her immediately turned to follow them upstairs.

    It was not till the few of them have disappeared from sight that the other people in the inn snapped back to their senses, one of them shouting out in rage: “Innkeeper! I was clearly the first to ask for your best room! Why did you give it to someone else? Don’t you know what is first come first served? !”

    The ear deafening roar was tinged with a slight measure of oppressive spirit power and quite a number of them felt woozy from the reverberating voice.