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Chapter 136.2 - Frankly Expressed Goodwill

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 136.2: Frankly Expressed Goodwill

    The weak and frail looking woman seated at the back of the hall dug at her ear lazily, her eyes gazing indifferently at the tall and burly youth with a fiery temperament.

    It was just a casual and indifferent glance and the youth who had been in such a rage suddenly went quiet, his body subconsciously retreating back a step.

    [The woman’s eyes….. are just too terrifying.]

    Qiao Wei smiled without mirth as she curled up the edges of her lips and said: “This woman calls the shots here in this place and this woman can jolly well decide who she wants to let the rooms out to. Didn’t you see how courteous that little young lady was? This woman finds her highly pleasing to the eye. As for the rest of you here, this woman is now unhappy with all of you and you can all now either choose to leave or to pay twice the price to stay here. You are free to do as you please.”

    “You….. You are just too much! This is supposed to be accommodation the Faint Mist Sect has arranged for us and not only are you chasing us out here, you are asking for two times the price as payment. Aren’t you afraid that the Faint Mist Sect will come down hard on you?” Someone shouted loudly in indignance.

    Qiao Wei blinked her eyes innocently like she had just heard a joke. “Come down hard on me? We’ll see who in the Faint Mist Sect will dare to?”

    Those taunting words thrown out in challenge immediately rendered all the youths speechless but there was nothing they could do about it. They really wanted to lash out to teach this audacious woman a good lesson but not to mention the fact that the woman’s cultivation was too profound to be read, the man standing beside her was tall and muscular looking like an immovable tower. Just by standing there without moving, he was intimidating enough to make all of them not dare to take a single step forward, looking every inch a person not to be trifled with.

    If they were not careful, they might very well stumble into a steel wall and stand to lose more than there was to gain. They could not afford to stir up trouble here or they can forget about taking part in the Faint Mist Sect’s recruitment trials. There was nothing they could do but to bear the pain of paying twice the amount of money to stay at the inn.

    Qing Yu watched the entire farce with amusement and then returned back to her room.

    Although it was said that the conditions in the inn was crude, but it was not really entirely unbearable. The beds were hardwood boards and Yan Xi Wu and Yan Xi Rou who were so used to sleeping on soft mattresses and fluffy blankets could not help but to find it a little hard to get used to.

    But fortunately for them, after the experience they had in Hell’s Canyon and the recent months’ of training they underwent, they were able to bear up better under the hardship. They were only going to stay in here for two nights and it would be over before they knew it.

    “Qing Yu, regarding the proprietress…..” After a little bit of packing in the room, Yan Xi Rou sat by the bed and suddenly asked. She had always been a little more meticulous in thought and she had naturally noticed that Qing Yu had intentionally befriended that woman.

    Although she could not say that she understood Qing Yu very well, but she knew that the young lady was warm only on the surface and was cold inside, an aloof person deep in her bones and also haughty and arrogant. Hence, there must be a reason for her actions.

    Yan Xi Wu on the other hand was carefree and happy go lucky, so she had not given it any thought at all.

    The fact that the inn was situated in such a desolate and remote place just made one wonder how the place was able to survive. Moreover, besides the lady innkeeper herself, there were only four other waiters, so if they were to encounter any robbers, it could be said that they were completely defenceless, much less mention how they could possibly continue to run a business to earn money here.