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Chapter 136.3 - Frankly Expressed Goodwill

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 136.3: Frankly Expressed Goodwill

    Among those few people, not a single one of them was as simple as they looked.

    Hearing that, Qing Yu only laughed at looked at the others to say: “Anyway, it is almost nightfall and all of you better keep an eye out at night. Do not sleep too deeply.”

    Her words were a little baffling but they have all grown used to trusting her and they did not probe any further. They just quietly kept an eye open when they slept, not even removing their outer robes.

    Night was approaching and the weather in that deep autumn was extremely cold, especially in that inn nestled among the mountains. It was so cold no one was able to sleep soundly and it did not help even when they hid themselves under the thick cover of their blankets. It only warmed up slightly when they summoned up a bit of their spirit powers and with the moonlight streaming in from outside the window, they could see that a thin layer of frost had formed.

    Yan Xi Wu did not eat that night as dinner was just a couple of coarse plain buns and several unappetizing dishes. She had lost her appetite just by looking at them and had buried her head under the blanket to go to sleep.

    But now, she had been awakened by a shiver from the cold and felt her tummy drumming up a symphony of emptiness, feeling so hungry she was no able to sleep at all. She was regretting it now and thought that she should have at least eaten something at least for dinner. But even if she wanted a plain bun now, they would be too hard to even bite into.

    Qing Yu was not sleeping as she sat cross legged in bed. Hearing the soft groans and sighs raised in complaint from Yan Xi Wu, she opened her eyes and said softly: “What’s wrong?”

    Yan Xi Wu had not thought that Qing Yu would suddenly speak and she was jolted by a shock. She then said in a rather embarrassed voice: “I, I’m a little hungry.”

    Qing Yu tossed her a ripe red apple. “Eat this.”

    Yan Xi Rou caught it reflexively and then asked in a puzzled voice: “Where did you get this?”

    “The proprietress gave it to me. If you are hungry, there’s more here.”

    Yan Xi Wu looked over to her and saw a plate of apples placed on the table. They were all big and red and there was also a plate of snacks beside them.

    She was rather surprised. “The lady boss looks like she loves money as much as life. To think that she is willing to prepare this for all the rooms. It must have cost her quite a tidy sum!”

    Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow. “Only our room has it.”

    Yan Xi Wu became even more surprised. “You are well acquainted with the lady boss?”

    Qing Yu shook her head. “Money makes the world go round. She accepted the core crystal of a level six spirit beast from me, hence she would naturally take extra good care of us.”

    Yan Xi Wu bit into the apple with a crunch and said as she chewed: “You’re (chomp chomp) quite clever.”

    Qing Yu smiled and did not give any further response. After hearing Yan Xi Wu chomp down a good half of an apple, Yan Xi Wu suddenly paused in her actions and called her name. “Qing Yu.”

    Qing Yu then lifted her eyes to look at her. “Hm?”

    Yan Xi Wu took another bite out of the apple and chewed noisily before swallowing as she contemplated how she was going to phrase her words. A good while passed before she then said: “In the past, I might not have been all that friendly to you. You know the kind of character I am, wilful and unreasonable, but I am actually not a bad person at heart.”