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Chapter 136.4 - Frankly Expressed Goodwill

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 136.4: Frankly Expressed Goodwill

    Qing Yu had not expected her to say such words all of a sudden and she merely curved the ends of her lips up to respond with a simple: “Mm.”

    “I bullied you and Little Bei in the past because Yan Ning Luo was always bullying me and second sis, using her position as the eldest daughter and her status as a princess. Although she did not outright abuse us physically or verbally, but she was always intentionally and unintentionally trying to humiliate and shame us, in order to portray her superiority and noble status.” Yan Xi Wu then bit viciously into her apple, to vent out the rage she was feeling inside.

    “I was feeling unbalanced and that was why I went to bully you guys. I know that what I did was wrong but my character was just like that, at times rather irritating and not exactly smart as in the brain as well.”

    Yan Xi Wu paused for a while and her eyes were shining slightly. “Although they all say that Yan Ning Luo is the Green Wave’s most prodigious lady, I feel that you are so much more talented than her. Moreover, you are also more beautiful than she is although you are very bad at times as well, making fun of me and scaring me, but you have never really done anything against me. You are so intelligent and if you had really want to do something to me, I think I would have died more times than I can count. You are not a vicious and scheming woman like Yan Ning Luo, who puts herself up above everyone, so that people would not realize how deeply she schemes against others.”

    “I have come to think that you are rather nice at times. At least when I’m hungry, you will give me something to eat. Mm. I’ve decided that I will listen to you from now on, and will not oppose you anymore.”

    After saying that, she went on to lower her head shyly, afraid that Qing Yu would laugh at her.

    But after a good while has passed, there was still no response. Her brows creased up and she was just about to say something when Qing Yu suddenly said in a soft voice that was tinged with slight mirth.

    “Aren’t you being rather smart now? I had thought that you were completely heartless and did not realize it at all.”

    Yan Xi Wu raised her head up in surprise. “You…. You do not hold anything against me for all the things I have done to you in the past?”

    Qing Yu then replied with a laugh. “Just like you said. If I really want to settle the scores with you, you would have died an uncountable number of times by now.”

    Yan Xi Wu blushed slightly but she was greatly moved by what Qing Yu had said. She hesitated coyly for a while before she slowly came to ask: “Then….. Why did you not do anything against me before? Is it because….. you felt that I really wasn’t that mean at heart?”

    Qing Yu lifted an eyebrow with an indiscernible smile on her face. “Actually, I am someone who bears grudges at times.”

    “Then why…..”

    Her long slanted phoenix like eyes looked highly amused. “I did not really hold it against you because I felt that competing with someone with an immature mind would make it seem like I am bullying a little child.”


    As she thought, all the good feelings she had felt coming from the young lady were all highly misconceived.