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Chapter 137.4 - Someone Died

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 137.4: Someone Died

    Once those words came out, everyone was overcome with shock.

    No wonder such a weak and frail looking young lady like this could possess such an absorbing air about her, one that made it impossible to people to overlook. So it was because she was a person from the mysterious soul cultivator tribe.

    Because people from the soul cultivator tribe practices mainly soul techniques, they possessed extremely strong mind powers. It was because of this that their people fell into two extremes. The strong their soul powers were, the weaker their bodies were. But there were exceptions to that, a small number of them did not suffer from frail bodies even though they possessed mighty mind powers.

    But it was clear to see that this young lady did not look like she was in the best of health, and the pallor on her face was rather sickly pale.

    Until they have walked a good distance away, the people then started to discuss heatedly. As for the youth who died, no one really cared about the reason he had been killed any longer, as he wasn’t really that important a person anyway but had mindlessly gone on to offend others, so his death was no great loss to anyone. A good number of people die in these lands on a daily basis and incompetent people like this just deserves it.

    Qing Yu turned to look with interest in the direction the young lady had disappeared in. The Soul Cultivator Tribe. To think that she was able to meet them, and she was really feeling quite curious.

    It was not known if it was all just psychological, but after returning back to their rooms, it did not feel quite as cold anymore. Hiding back under their blankets, warmth returned to their bodies and it felt rather toasty. That had made the bunch of young people who had not been able to sleep well throughout the night to become grateful that they would not be freezing to death that night.

    And when they came back to their room, Qing Yu was trailing a step behind the others when she heard voices and came to discover that the young lady earlier was staying in the room right across theirs. The sound of their conversation came drifting out from inside.

    “Yi Yi, I really am so thankful you were there. If not for you, I might be branded as a murderer now.” This was Lan Yu’s voice.

    “No need to thank me. Just remember this lesson well and do not be so hot headed anymore. Otherwise, if you come to be made use of by others again, I will not help you again.” Yi Yi’s voice sounded a little helpless.

    Lan Yu laughed a little foolishly. “Who asked you to be so clever that I do not even have to use my brains when I’m with you? But Yi Yi, you’re really very good. Here you are a girl younger than I am but you have such a commanding presence, which must have intimidated all those people back there.”

    “People from the Soul Cultivator Tribe must not be bullied by outsiders. You must remember this well.” Yi Yi’s voice was determined and she then broke out into a bout of suppressed coughing, and the sounds of frantic heaving breathing could be heard right after, which lasted a good while before it stopped.

    “Yi Yi, are you alright? Are you feeling very uncomfortable? Qian Yun, go fetch the medicine quickly…..”

    “Cough cough….. It….. It’s no use. I will be fine after a while.” Just as she said, after a few moments, the coughing and the sound of heaving breaths stopped.