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Chapter 138.1 - Worming In Closer

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 138.1: Worming In Closer

    “Yi Yi, your body is so weak and it is so freezing cold here at night. Your body will not be able to withstand it” That was a girl’s worried voice, and it must be Qian Yun whom Lan Yu had just called out to earlier.

    “I’m fine. The two of you should go get some rest. Day will be breaking in just a little while.” Yi Yi said softly, and did not say anything else after that.

    After Qing Yu listened in to their conversation, the corners of her lips raised up slightly. Just as she was about to go into her room, a tall and slim figure came walking slowly up from downstairs who then noticed her standing there and smiled at her.” Young lady, not sleeping so late at night and came out for a stroll?”

    Hearing that, the curve at the ends of Qing Yu’s lips deepened. With such a big commotion earlier when someone died, she seemed to be completely unaware of it.

    “Big Sister Wei, someone died just some moments ago.” Qing Yu said softly, watching the woman’s expression. “It’s that youth who argued with you earlier in the day.”

    Upon hearing what she said, Qiao Wei lifted an eyebrow very calmly. “Oh I see. I’ll someone to clean it up. A person died, an absolutely normal occurrence.”

    Qing Yu leaned against the railing with an indiscernible smile. “It is indeed nothing all that strange, but I am rather curious why there was such a large wound on the person’s body, like his abdomen had been completely cut open. Could he have been sleepwalking and cut himself up that led to his death? But it was such a large wound, so what kind of a weapon could have caused it?”

    Listening to her words, Qiao Wei looked at her smilingly and said: “Throughout the years in here, strange incidents happens on and off. It’s fine once you get used to it. Be good and go get some sleep. No need to worry about it so much.”

    Seeing that she was not going to get anything out of Qiao Wei, Qing Yu gave a shrug of her shoulders and turned around to go into her room.

    “Sis Wei, the little lass seems to have realized something.” The towering man who was never seen away from her said in a deep gruff voice.

    Qiao Wei gave a light laugh and replied: “The lass is the smartest one among them all. We will not be able to hide it from her for long.”

    The man was silent for a while before he went on to say: “Did we act too soon? With this incident tonight, they would all surely be on their guards now.”

    “You are overestimating them. No matter how prepared they are, with this batch, less than half of them will make it till the admission trials.” Qiao Wei said with a contemptuous smile, and then raised her eyes to gaze into the cold moonlight shining down outside. Her lips curved up meaningfully and she said to the man: “There is still another day and night!”

    The next day, everyone woke up early. Seeing the sun risen up high in the sky, it brought a sliver of sunny warmth into the still chilly morning.

    It felt like everything had been a dream, unable to even imagine all that had happened last night, with that unbelievably freezing temperature, and the strange circumstances that a person had died under.