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Chapter 138.2 - Worming In Closer

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 138.2: Worming In Closer

    Breakfast was very simple. A bowl of steaming hot plain porridge, a plain bun the size of one’s palm, and also a dish of crunchy vegetables. It was probably due to the torment they experienced yesterday, that not a single person complained, with everyone slurping it all down greedily.

    Seeing that scene, the ends of Qiao Wei’s mouth lifted slightly. [These brats have learned to behave.]

    “Lady boss, can we go to the Faint Mist Sect early?” A pretty and demure young woman suddenly asked.

    Qiao Wei was clicking on the abacus behind the counter and she did not even raise her head up when she replied: “The rules say that the entrance will not open before the appointed time.”

    The young woman pouted her lips, looking a little aggrieved. “But…. it is really to cold here at night and there isn’t any warmer around. What if we freeze to death here?”

    Qiao Wei curled up her lips in a sneer and glanced at her. “If all of you are not able to withstand this little bit of cold, then there isn’t really much meaning in you continuing to live at all.”

    “How can you speak like that to me?” The young woman almost burst into tears in anger, suddenly regretting coming here with her companions.

    Someone beside her pulled the aggrieved young woman aside and shot her a warning glance before saying to her: “Have you forgotten what happened to that guy last night? Wasn’t he being disrespectful to the Lady Boss yesterday and he was found dead that very night?”

    The young woman’s eyes widened in fear and she immediately clamped up.

    But how could that hushed whisper ever hope to escape Qiao Wei’s ears?

    She could not help but smile quietly to herself. [Did they think that she had killed that person with her own hands? What a joke. If she had really struck, would these brats even come to discover anything was amiss? What a bunch of foolish kids.]

    “All of you are free to move around nearby today, to get yourself familiar with the terrain here. But remember to not roam too far or if you come to encounter any danger, I cannot guarantee I will be able to get there in time. So you will have to be responsible for the consequences yourselves.” Qiao Wei said that with a smile, and then got up lazily to go get some sleep in the back.

    “…..” [What a cold hearted woman.]

    Lan Yu was taking bites out of the plain bun in his hand as he looked at the young woman seated across from him and said: “Yi Yi, should we send a homing pigeon to the Young Lord asking him to come get us? Otherwise I fear…..”

    Before he had even finished his words, his intention was already clear to see.

    This inn that exuded a strange and mysterious air was not a place they should remain in any longer. They were worried that they might very well end up dead for no reason in this place before the day for the admission trials came.

    The Young Lord of the Soul Cultivators Tribe was the most outstanding disciple of the Soul Mastery Department and was a leading entity in the Faint Mist Sect. He possessed powerful cultivation, was highly valued, and also Yi Yi’s elder brother.

    He had always doted in this younger sister of his and if he knew that they were facing such difficulties here, he would definitely lend a hand in assistance.