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Chapter 138.3 - : Worming In Closer

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 138.3: Worming In Closer

    Yi Yi still had the fox fur cape wrapped around her and her face was a little pale as she leaned back in the chair to rest. Hearing those words, her eyes filled up with displeasure as she stared at Lan Yu and said in a low voice. “My Elder Brother already has a lot on his plate to deal with everyday. How can I make him worry about a small matter like this? It will be time in less than a day more and it’ll quickly pass once we grit our teeth and endure it.”

    Having been lectured, Lan Yu did not say anything else but lowered his head to eat silently.

    Qing Yu then turned her eyes back to the table. But the moment she turned back around, she was immediately met with several other pairs of eyes looking at her thoughtfully.

    “What?” Qing Yu raised an eyebrow “A flower bloomed on my face?”

    Qing Bei shook his head and glanced at the few people at the table behind. “Why do I feel that you seem to hold quite an interest in them?”

    Qing Yu smiled and then leaned in closer to say softly to him: “You remember me telling you that you have strong soul powers?”

    “I remember that.” Qing Bei nodded his head. [But what does that have to do with what she’s doing here?]

    “Those few fellas are from the main family of the Soul Cultivators Tribe. And if my memory serves me correctly, the Soul Cultivators Tribe’s Ming Family bloodline has produced two very rare prodigies with extremely powerful soul powers. One of them is the Soul Cultivators Tribe’s Young Lord Ming Jing, the other one is their most beloved Little Princess of the Soul Cultivators Tribe, Ming Yi Yi.” Qing Yu said slowly, as her lips curved up at the corners.

    And Qing Bei had a smart and quick mind, dazed for just a moment before he quickly came to react. “And that young lady there is the Soul Cultivators Tribe’s Little Princess….. Ming Yi Yi?”

    “That’s right.” Qing Yu said with a disarming smile. “She seems to be a little sickly in health and I am contemplating how I should worm my way in closer.”

    Qing Bei was speechless. “…..”

    The way she looked now was exactly like a crafty scheming fox.

    She was always putting up an aloof front, her demeanor cold and keeping people at arm’s length, but whenever she started scheming against someone, this sly and black bellied look she gave made her look like a completely different person.

    Once out of the inn, overlapping mountain ranges stretched to the horizon as far as the eye could see, cloudy mist swirling around them. No one knew which one of those mountains was actually hiding the entrance into the Faint Mist Sect.

    The terrain was complicated and treacherous, the mountain roads winding and countless in number, so one could easily get lost. So everyone kept Qiao Wei’s words in mind and did not roam too far away, moving mostly together in groups so that they could at least look out for one another.

    Very coincidentally, Qing Yu and her group walked together with Ming Yi Yi and her companions when the met each other outside the inn, which led them to walk together.

    Ming Yi Yi was naturally able to recognize Qing Yu. When they were here on the very first day, this young lady had stood out so strongly. Regardless whether it was in demeanor or looks, the young lady was just too unforgettable. But as Yi Yi was born with a more introverted personality, unused to taking the initiative to go strike up a conversation, she just nodded politely at the young lady, and then went on walking on her own in front.