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Chapter 138.4 - Worming In Closer

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 138.4: Worming In Closer

    Though Yan Xi Wu was usually quite dense and insensitive, but she seemed to have noticed something as well this time. She tugged at Qing Yu’s sleeve discreetly. “Hey, are you secretly tailing that girl?”

    Qing Yu glanced at her sharply. “Is that how you use the term tailing?”

    Yan Xi Wu was stumped for words and it was a while before she found her voice. “Anyway I just seem to feel that you are purposely following them.”

    “Hm, you aren’t stupid afterall.” Qing Yu then responded.


    The seasonal climate in the Green Wave Kingdom was the most gentle. By this time, other places had already started to snow but it was just a little chilly there, and people were just wearing winter clothing of regular thickness.

    But in front of them, the thin figured young lady was wrapped up especially thickly. The fox fur she had clad around her was high grade clothing that kept out the chill extremely well and it would seemingly be still too early to use that now in this climate, but even though the young lady had that wrapped around her, her tiny face had turned pale from the cold, with no color in her lips.

    She clutched her cape tightly around her body, her steps under her feet quick.

    Quan Yun in green clothes quickly caught up from behind. “Yi Yi, where are you going? we cannot walk too far from here otherwise what are we going to do if we cannot find our way back?”

    Ming Yi Yi’s lips were pressed tightly together and her voice was a little hoarse. “Help me find the Crimson Sand Viper…..”

    The footsteps of Quan Yun and Lan Yu immediately stopped in their spots. “What are you thinking of doing?”

    “I cannot withstand it much longer.” The young lady was so pale her face was completely white and her lips were stained red from her biting down on them. “The blood of the Crimson Sand Viper can help alleviate my condition.”

    “Yi Yi, have you lost your mind? The Crimson Sand Viper has highly lethal poison!” Qian Yun’s eyes had become red rimmed and she suddenly said in a low shout. “You cannot do that. I am going to send word to the Young Lord. We cannot stay another moment here in this hellish place. If anything happens to you here today, then we’ll not be able to answer for it even with our very lives!”

    As she spoke, she pulled out something from within her robes and was just about to crush it when Ming Yi Yi suddenly turned around, her eyes tinged with an iciness. “You dare to defy my orders.”

    “But you’re…..”

    “I said that I’m fine. Do not go worry my elder brother with every little thing!” Ming Yi Yi said through tightly clenched teeth, spitting out each word one at a time.

    Qian Yun closed her eyes and her arms slumped down in defeat. The expression on her face was sorrowful, like it was rather painful for her and she was finding it hard to bear.

    Finally, a quick fleeting flash of red zoomed past and Lan Yu very nimbly caught it in his hand, his hand clutched around the seven inch spot below its head as he brought it up before Ming Yi Yi.

    Although he was well aware of the fact that the Crimson Sand Viper was born with fiery Fire Poison, but this was the only way to counter the ice that sealed her heart. If not for the fact that they were left with no other choice, how could they possibly be willing to do something so savage as to devour the raw blood of beasts and fowl?

    But….. she wanted to live on.

    She gripped her hands around the snake’s body and was just about to sever its main artery and drink its blood when a pebble suddenly struck the back of her hand. Shocked by the hit, she released her grip and the Crimson Sand Viper slithered speedily away in a blink.

    Ming Yi Yi’s eyes darkened and they became chillingly bloodthirsty.