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Chapter 139.1 - Trials Quietly Held

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 139.1: Trials Quietly Held

    Qian Yun had actually not been all that willing to see Yi Yi drink the snake’s blood so when she saw the snake slither away, she heaved an inward sigh of relief but then grew rather fearful because she knew that Yi Yi hated people who came to interfere with anything that she wanted to do the most.

    Although she usually looked rather frail and weak most of the time, but as the next most powerful Soul Master after the Soul Cultivators Tribe, she was never someone soft that did other’s bidding.

    On the contrary, her temper wasn’t all that good, especially when her illness stuck, she could be said to be brutal and ruthless.

    The methods that Soul Masters employed to kill a person, was a lot more terrifying than most other martial arts practitioners.

    Qian Yun could not help but silently pitied the person who had moved to stop Ming Yi Yi.

    Right in that instant, Ming Yi Yi’s sinisterly cold eyes were staring unwaveringly at the person who had suddenly appeared and she said in a chilling voice: “You, have been tailing me.”

    That person, was Qing Yu, dressed in full white, looking especially harmless and innocent.

    Towards the sinisterly cold haze the young lady was staring at her with, Qing Yu did not seem to be bothered in the least as she laughed softly and said: “Not true. I’m merely saving your life.”

    “Save my life?” Ming Yi Yi’s expression was becoming more and more dangerous, like she was right on the verge of exploding into rage.

    Qing Yu shook her head and sighed aloud, her tone of voice seemingly filled with pity and regret. “I just don’t want you to bring ruin upon yourself. You’re actually an exceptionally outstanding Soul Master. Don’t you know that if you drink this snake’s blood here today, you’ll not be able to break the addiction that would consume you henceforth and turn into a monster that could not live without more of its blood?”

    “That’s none of your business.” Ming Yi Yi said coldly, like she already knew that the consequences would be such.

    Qing Yu curved up the ends of her mouth. “It is indeed not really my business but I was thinking what if that brother of yours who loves his younger sister so fiercely were to find out that the precious little sister he holds so protectively dear in the palm of his hand had been forced out of the Soul Cultivators Tribe and driven to have no choice but to drink the blood of the Crimson Sand Viper to suppress the Ice Poison inside her, turned into a person who is neither man nor ghost. I am afraid that he might just lose his mind in a fit of rage and embark on a rampage of unstoppable massacre!”

    Ming Yi Yi’s eyes constricted. “How do you know…..”

    “I will of course know all that because I can save you from this fate.” Qing Yu said with a disarming smile as she slowly walked in closer to Ming Yi Yi, her full white clothes lending an air seemingly like that of a deity onto her, adding to that exceptionally alluring face of beauty that was impossible to overlook.

    Qian Yun stood in front of Ming Yi Yi protectively as she stared warily at the young lady coming closer to them a step at a time. Behind her, Ming Yi Yi struggled to lift her hand up to push Qian Yun away before she said: “What is your real motive here?”

    She was naturally not so naive to think that this young lady was just being kind. Although she did not know the young lady, she could tell with just one glance that the young lady was the same as her, an extremely cold and unfeeling nature that ran deep inside their bones, a person who would not want to save her for no good reason.