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Chapter 139.2 - Trials Quietly Held

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 139.2: Trials Quietly Held

    Ming Yi Yi petite small face had already turned green from the chill but she was still forcefully bracing herself from collapsing. If this young lady was really able to save her life, then she would be willing to pay any price, no matter what it cost her.

    [She must not die….. yet.]

    Qing Yu’s eyes flashed with momentary surprise. [This girl….. has a very strong will, a will that yearned to live so unbelievably strongly.]

    Her pair of x-ray eyes that were meant to save people’s life could at that moment clearly see inside the young lady’s body that was fully riddled with countless old ailments, that young heart that should be beating energetically was extraordinarily weak, a layer of icy frost encrusted around it. If not for that fiercely strong will that longed to live so much to brace her, she feared that the young lady would have already turned into a frozen icicle by now.

    Qing Yu had been here in this other world for quite a number of years already, but she had never seen such a strange and peculiar affliction.

    To be able to live when her heart was encased in ice, it was such an absolute miracle.

    She grabbed the young lady’s thin and frail looking hand and poured her golden red elixir fire into the young lady’s icy cold body, dispersing the chill inside in an instant. The icy frost around her heart was melting at a visible rate, and it began to beat strongly.

    Qian Yun and Lan Yu stood there with their eyes wide and their mouths agape. For so many years, it was the first time that they were seeing the always pale and sickly Ming Yi Yi showing a hint of rosiness in her cheeks.

    “Yi Yi, how do you feel?” Qian Yun asked excitedly as she held Ming Yi Yi’s hand. With that touch, her expression became even more surprised. “Yi Yi….. Your hands….. Your hands are warm to the touch!”

    Hearing that, Lan Yu came over and placed his hand on the back of the young lady’s hand. He felt a warm under his fingers. The youth’s eyes immediately turned red around the rims. “Yi Yi, have you really recovered? You will not have to suffer anymore relapses of the illness again right?”

    Qing Yu stood on the side with her arms folded across her chest and she clicked her tongue before she said: “That is of course not possible. She has been afflicted with Ice Poison for so many years. How could she possibly recover so quickly?”

    Ming Yi Yi was in a daze as she stared at her own hands. Under the sun’s bright rays, she was able to clearly see her veins under her fair white skin.

    Her hands had been covered with a thin layer of icy before, but now, it was completely clear and they were warm and dry.

    Her elder brother had brought in many Elixir Cultivators but all those people were not able to save her. They had even told her that if her condition continued on like this, it was highly possible she would not live past eighteen years.

    After this year, she would just be only sixteen, just when she was just blossoming into beauty. But all of that to her, was going to be too short lived and fleeting.

    So what if she was the Soul Cultivators Tribe’s female prodigy. If she could choose, she would rather be useless trash who did not possess any gift in cultivation at all, if she could just live….. as long as she can always see her elder brother.