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Chapter 139.3 - Trials Quietly Held

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 139.3: Trials Quietly Held

    As she had thought, all those people were quack physicians. It was clear to see that she could be cured right?

    Ming Yi Yi then stood up from the ground, her eyes clear as autumn waters filled with resolve and traces of a plea. “If you are able to cure me of my condition, then I will agree to whatever condition you might ask.”

    She might still be hesitant and undecided before, but now that she was feeling the kind of warmth any normal human should have for the first time in her life and did not fear the winter’s chill anymore, it gave her the best proof she could ever get.

    “You don’t have to be so serious. We’ll be fellow sect disciples in future and it is only natural that we look out for each other.” The ends of Qing Yu’s lips lifted with a smile. Having said that, she then paused for a moment before she turned to look at the young lady before her. “But, there really might be something that will require help from the Soul Cultivators Tribe.”

    Ming Yi Yi nodded her head gently. “You will just have to say it, and I will get it done for you.”

    “Then we’ve happily come to an agreement here.” Qing Yu said with her eyes turned into smiling arcs, almost looking a little sly.

    Qing Bei and Yan Xi Wu stood watching from a far distance, as they were afraid that they might be easily noticed if they had gone forward together as a group, so Qing Yu had gone over by herself. Upon seeing Ming Yi Yi turning misty eyed and her face looking highly moved and grateful, Yan Xi Wu raised her hand to rub her chin, before suddenly poking Qing Bei in his arm.

    “What was that for?” Qing Bei asked with his brows creased up.

    There was a rather complicated expression on Yan Xi Wu’s face as she asked in a low voice: “Say, Qing Yu is clearly doing a good deed here by saving someone’s life. So why do I seem to feel that she is trying to scheme against someone instead?”

    “Tsk.” Qing Bei clicked his tongue and then gave an indiscernible smile. “There is no need to guess. She is indeed scheming against someone.”

    Although he did not know what Qing Yu’s intentions were in getting close to those fellas from the Soul Cultivators Tribe.

    Yan Xi Rou had not really shown much interest towards the matter but she suddenly lifted her head to look up.

    [Has she been mistaken? The sky seems to have suddenly darkened quite a bit.]

    After that, Ming Yi Yi and her group came to walk together with Qing Yu and her companions. The few of them were chatting when it was not known who brought up the topic, and they were soon discussing about the youth who had mysteriously died the night before.

    “I was in great shock at that time. That person definitely did not die at the moment when I discovered him. Because the temperature was really just too cold, the blood that had flowed onto the floor had already froze, so it must have been an hour at least. Moreover his eyes were wide open and everyone said that was caused by extreme terror, but what I saw in his eyes was unbearable agony instead. When he died, it must have been inconceivably torturous, so I just cannot understand how come nobody noticed anything at that time?”

    When Lan Yu related to them about last night’s events, he had looked rather puzzled.

    People from the Soul Cultivators Tribe were able to deduce the sequence of events just before a person’s death by reading the expression of the victim’s face. But as the other person staying in the same room as him had immediately wrongfully accuse Lan Yu to be the killer, rage had filled his head at that time as he fiercely defended himself, only concerned with explaining himself, and had not taken a close look at the victim. Now that he thought about the matter, he just could not help but feel that something wasn’t really right.