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Chapter 139.4 - Trials Quietly Held

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 139.4: Trials Quietly Held

    The topic was a little heavy and the atmosphere became rather heavy.

    Seeing that, Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and laughed softly. “Of course no one would notice anything. Moreover, I fear that even the victim himself did not know how he died.”

    When her voice fell, everyone uniformly turned their eyes to look at her curiously.

    But Qing Yu took a long moment to keep them in suspense before she said in a unhurried tone: “Although it is said that we are up on a mountain, but the unbelievable steep drop in temperature at night is a little too ridiculous. Haven’t any of you ever wondered why that is the case?”


    Qing Yu shook her head a little helplessly before turning to look at Qing Bei. The youth’s eyes were calm and he was neither flustered nor nervous, seemingly not curious about what Qing Yu had to say. Because of the unique gift he possessed, anything that he wanted to know about could not be hidden from him.

    Catching the look his sister gave him, Qing Bei was merely surprised for an instant before he realized that Qing Yu wanted him to explain it, as he would be able to explain it more clearly afterall.

    Hence he opened his mouth and said slowly: “Actually, from the moment we came to set foot into the inn, the Faint Mist Sect’s admission trials had already begun.”

    The moment his words registered, except for Qing Yu who already knew that fact, even the ever calm and composed Ming Yi Yi had a glint of surprise show in her eyes.

    [What did that really mean?]

    “After the great purge the Faint Mist Sect underwent, they came to set this as the first test for the trials after discussion that was carried out with utmost secrecy, so no one knew about it at all. So what we are going through now is actually just a small test for all the several hundred people taking part in the recruitment trials.”

    Qing Bei paused for a moment as he spoke, and then continued on to say: “The person who died last night, had actually lost the right to be accepted into the sect when he kicked up such a big fuss about the room allocation and had even wanted to strike at the proprietress. As for the reason why he died, it might be because….. While he was on his way here, he had cruelly killed his own companion over a highly insignificant matter and all of this had not escaped the Faint Mist Sect’s eyes. But of course the real reason that ultimately came to lead to his death was because he had been secretly plotting to exact revenge upon the proprietress who had been so disrespectful to him.”

    “The proprietress many seem like a weak and defenseless woman, but have you noticed the four waiters she has under her command? Maybe you might not have noticed it much, but if I am to tell you their nicknames, I’m sure all of you would have at least heard of them before.”

    “Their nicknames are Great Whale Shark, Money Leopard, Arctic Snow Fox, Devil Devouring Eagle.”

    Such well known names. How could they possibly not heard of them before? It was said since the founding of the Faint Mist Sect for the past hundred years, these were the four Great Divine Beasts that guarded the sect.

    But it was clear to see that they were four humans, so why were they given names of different beast species, and were known to be divine beasts? Without delving deeper into that reason for now, just by hearing these names that were known far and wide, one would already know exactly how strong they were.

    How had these peerlessly powerful pugilists of legendary stature suddenly become waiters in an inn?