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Chapter 140.1 - A Thread between Life and Death

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “It becomes so cold at night due to the hand of the Arctic Snow Wolf and he’s the one that killed the youth.”

    It could be seen with just one look that those four were highly respectful of the proprietress. So anyone who dared to show her such discourtesy would just be seeking their own death, as those four people were not entirely good people themselves.

    After hearing Qing Bei explain all that, their eyes became incredibly fevered when they came to realize that the youth could actually know so much about these well hidden secrets. The youth was really quite an extraordinary person.

    But Ming Yi Yi was looking at him with a look of surprise. “I really wonder….. how did you come to know about all these matters and even understand them in so much detail?”

    The youth lifted the ends of his lips to smile candidly. “I do not know why, but anything that I want to know about, it will just appear in my mind. Qing Yu said that it is because I possess strong soul powers, a gift that I was born with.”

    Ming Yi Yi’s eyes brightened and thought that it was rather incredulous. “You are born to be a Soul Cultivator. Except for my brother, I have never seen a person as talented as you.”

    Qing Bei rubbed his nose shyly. “That’s too kind.”

    Compared to Qing Yu, he was still thousand of miles behind. Although Qing Yu had always said he was very highly skilled, it was still far from enough.

    Ming Yi Yi smiled lightly and said: “You’re just too modest. Once we get into the Faint Mist Sect, I will tell my elder brother about you.”

    Unknowingly, though she had just come to know them for a short period of time, Ming Yi Yi had come to like them very much. The highly introverted girl had almost never taken the initiative to become friendly with people and only had Qian Yuna and Lan Yu whom she was close to. This was the first time that she was opening her heart so easily to people she had just come to meet and was treating them with so much sincerity.

    It was a different kind of feeling with Qian Yun and Lan Yu whom she had grown up together with, as this could be considered the first couple of friends she had come to know.

    Though it was said that they had come to familiarize themselves with the terrain, but they did not walk all that far out. To a person like Qing Yu who had a photographic memory, she had come out merely to see if she could exchange a few words with Ming Yi Yi, getting to know the area and what not was secondary.

    Moreover, it was not known what else was going to happen that very night.

    With the weather starting to turn cold, daylight grew shorter and time seemed to fly. Before any of them had really noticed it, the sky had already started to gradually turn dark.

    And in the night, at almost two times it was in the day, time felt like it passed laboriously slowly and was more oppressive.

    But at the same time under the oppressive air, they also felt like they were able to heave a sigh of relief, as after tonight, they would be able to leave this strange inn, to go take part in the Faint Mist Sect’s recruitment trials.

    The night felt as if some terrifying wild beast lay crouching in wait, as fear blanketed over everything.

    Within the cold chill air of the silent mountain, the faint light of candles could be seen flickering weakly inside.