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Chapter 140.2 - A Thread between Life and Death

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     The darkness of the night deepened, and it was not known from when lazy snowflakes began to fall down through the air outside the windows, covering the high mountains in a layer of silvery white. The bare and desolate mountain only had that single lonely inn sitting within, looking highly obtrusive.

    The candlelight in the main hall wavered incessantly under the billowing winter’s wind, before it finally gave a final flicker, and went out.

    “Sheeesh….. I, I can’t stand it anymore. It’s so….. so cold.”

    “Although it is said that the temperature gets lower in the mountains….. But this….. this is just too cold.”

    “Or….. Or rather, should we go ask….. ask for a fire or something from the Lady Boss?”

    Someone in the room suggested and then went shivering as he tottered over towards the door. His hand had just touched the door when he froze there, not moving an inch for a long time.

    “Oy, what are you still dawdling there? Hurry up and go borrow a light or something already!” Someone shouted impatiently as he huddled within his blanket, shivering.

    But the person at the door did not seem to have heard him. Not to mention any form of response, but his did not even move his body a single inch.

    “What are you really up to over there?” The person on the bed got angry and climbed off from his bed despite the biting and chilly cold, like he was going to give the person standing at the door like a wooden block a good tongue lashing.

    Just as he came closer, a chill ran up his entire spine.

    In that quiet and soundless room, so silent you can even hear a pin drop, which made the soft and faint patter of something dripping sound clear and crisp, which drummed on their hearts, causing the hair on the back of their necks to stand.

    There were a total of three people in that room, and the third person had been so cold he could not be bothered to even speak a word. But upon hearing the sound, he was a little puzzled and unconsciously holding his breath, he asked: “What is that sound?”

    At that moment, the man who had gone over to the door to go borrow a light was still frozen in place with his hand on the door, but the stance of his body seemed a little too stiff and it seemed like something was wrong, his back facing the other two people, where they were not able to see what had happened to him.

    But when the person who had climbed off his bed in impatience went to push that man’s body with a nudge, a series of events happened. It was as if the sluice gates in that man’s stiffened body had opened, suddenly spurting out a warm and sticky liquid that splattered all over the other person.

    Immediately after, that tall body crashed to the floor, laying face there face down, as a large amount of blood spilled in a widening pool.

    He was dead, soundlessly and without any warning.

    The blood spilled across almost half the room, the thick metallic stench shooting straight up their noses, the air turned heavy and stifling. The two people were so shocked by the entire scene that they even forgot to scream, their eyes staring widely with their faces white as a sheet.

    With the youth that had died last night, this was already the second person to die under such mysterious circumstances.

    They still did not know how the first youth had died. But this person had been staying in the same room together with them and it was in just a few breaths’ time that he was killed right under their very noses.