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Chapter 140.3 - A Thread between Life and Death

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 140.3: A Thread between Life and Death

    In this inn….. Was there really a murderous devilish demon up to its tricks and going around to kill people without anyone noticing! ?

    Fear gripped at their hearts and they all were in such panic that they wanted to open their doors to go run outside crying for help. But it seemed like the doors had been locked from outside and they were not able to open it no matter how hard they tried.

    The blizzard outside was blowing stronger and stronger and the tightly shut window that was suddenly blown open allowed the flurries of snow to fly in, striking them right in their faces, cutting painfully like blades.

    The temperature in the room immediately plummeted and the man who died froze up together with his spilt blood into ice, with countless thin and sharp icicles forming all over the walls, covering the entire room, trapping the two of them inside.

    The space they could still move within was growing tighter and tighter, until finally, those icicles that numbered in thousands pierced right through their bodies, sticking out through their bodies like they had been turned into porcupines. But not a single drop of blood bled from their bodies, because it had been just too cold, and all their blood had freezed up. Even up till the point of death, they had not even cried out at all, because before they could even react, they were already dead.

    Downstairs, Qiao Wei had a hot cup of tea in her hand. Sipping from it, she then curled up the ends of her lips before she said with a sigh: “All these brats here are still too young. To think that they even dare to come wanting to join the Faint Mist Sect so casually. Do they really think that it is so easy to be accepted/”

    Behind her, the burly man who was tall as a tower hesitated a moment before he said in incomprehension. “For those few fellas…..”

    “Ah, just a bunch of reprehensible fugitives on the run who have committed all kinds of heinous deeds. Did they really think that they would be able to muddle their way into the Faint Mist Sect just by changing their faces? Aren’t they being too naive?” Qiao Wei burst out into laughter and seemed to recall something in her mind as her eyes flashed. “Let the Devil Devouring Eagle add a couple of his touches. I would really like to see how many among all these brats are talents with sufficient aptitude.”

    The man paused a moment and then answered with a curt yes.

    He really didn’t know whether all these little fellas would be able to withstand it at all.

    That night was really very long, like they would not be able to see the sun again tomorrow.

    The blizzard outside had piled up snow that was several meters deep. Anybody who walked outside would find half their bodies sinking into it. The weather was strange, as it was clearly not yet time for snow to fall, but the blizzard outside seemed determined to bury all life outside.

    “Something’s not right.”

    Ming Yi Yi stood by the window, the thick fox fur wrapped around her. Qing Yu had suppressed the Ice Poison in her earlier that day and she was feeling a whole lot better. Even though the weather was bitterly cold now, she did not feel all that tormented anymore.

    “Yi Yi, what is it?” Qian Yun heard her words and she came over to ask.

    Ming Yi Yi’s brows were knitted up. “Look over there at that mountain.”

    The direction the window in this room faced was great, and they could see a far distance standing here.