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Chapter 140.4 - A Thread between Life and Death

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 140.4: A Thread between Life and Death

    And Ming Yi Yi had just seen, with the inn as the central point, that it was snowing heavily a hundred miles around it, covering everything in a white snowy blanket. But gazing further away at the faraway mountain, it was calm and tranquil, without the slightest sign of a snow at all. The peak was bare and barren, a lonesome sight, where only a forest of empty trees shed of all their leaves could be seen.

    Qian Yun stared with his eyes widened in shock. “That is…..”

    “Looks like Qing Bei was right. This is definitely the work of the Arctic Snow Wolf.” Ming Yi Yi then went on to say.

    “If this snow continues on like this, the inn might really get buried under all this snow. What are they trying to do here?” Lan Yu clenched his fists and said angrily. “Is the Faint Mist Sect testing us or are they out to get us?”

    Ming Yi Yi’s eyes dimmed and a sharp pain suddenly shot into her mind, her vision bursting into a flash of blood red. “We all….. might not be able to make it through tonight.”

    “Yi Yi, what did you see?” Qian Yun asked a little worriedly.

    People of the Soul Cultivators Tribe possess a certain ability. They were able to see things that others could not, and were also able to see things that were able to happen.

    But before she could even reply, a man’s low raspy voice sounded, that was tinged with bits of spellbinding enchantment. “I see that there are still some good sprouts from the Soul Cultivators Tribe. What a pity.”

    Lan Yu’s body tensed up warily as he shouted coldly: “Who is that? Show yourself!”

    That person’s voice, had sounded like it had spoke just beside his ear. But since when had there been another person’s presence inside their room? And they had not noticed a thing! ?

    It was probably due to the fact that people from the Soul Cultivators Tribe had a naturally strong sense in foreseeing danger and hence Ming Yi Yi and her companions had not rested at all that night, fearing that something unexpected was going to happen.

    And just as they predicted, what must come, had now come.

    The candlelight in the room was wavering and the man hidden in the shadows stirred up a gust of cold wind from under his voluminous cape, which almost blew the weak flickering candle out completely.

    It was a man of incredibly towering height, completely wrapped up in a wide cape that covered him entirely. He wore a wide brimmed bamboo hat on his head and only his strong and hard chin could be seen. It was probably because it was not exposed to the sun much, as the skin on that chin was pale and white.

    “Who are you?” Sweat had spilled into the palms of Ming Yi Yi’s tightly clenched fists, but her face still maintained a composed facade as she asked in a calm tone.

    The man laughed lightly. Although his face could not be seen, but his voice was highly pleasing to the ears. “You do not have to worry about that, as tonight….. All of you might not be able to survive through this snowstorm, unable to escape the beautiful dreams that I have carefully weaved up for everyone here.”

    Ming Yi Yi’s eyes widened. [What does he mean by those words?]

    But very soon, she would know.