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Chapter 141.1 - A Memory One Doesn’t Want to Recall

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 141.1: A Memory One Doesn’t Want to Recall

    Whatever was happening on this side was not yet known to Qing Yu but just quiet peace.

    It was probably because there was some trick in that inn as no matter how big the commotion outside was, the occupants inside the room did not hear anything.

    Even the highly carefree Yan Xi Wu had sensed that there was something strange about tonight’s snowstorm and had not slept for once, but remained carefully wary.

    She looked at the several other quiet people in the room and hesitated a moment before slowly shuffling over closer to Yan Xi Rou to ask softly: “What hour is it now?”

    Yan Xi Ruo who had her eyes closed in rest then opened them to gaze at the pitch dark sky outside, her brows slightly furrowed. “I do not know as well. It’s just too strange tonight and it feels as if a long time has passed, so it should already be the Yin Hour when night is deepest but it looks like it’s….. now only the Zi hour at midnight.”

    Yan Xi Wu felt in involuntary chill run up her back. “Is the sky never going to turn bright again on this night? It will be the day for the admission trials tomorrow and if we are held back by this, then all the hard work we have put in for so long will have been for nothing!”

    Hearing Yan Xi Wu complaining in frustration incessantly, Qing Yu rubbed her temples feeling a headache coming. She got up from her bed and walked over to the window before she said: “Even if dawn breaks, we might still not be able to leave this place.”

    Upon hearing her words, the others turned their gazes outside at the same time.

    They saw the snow flurries falling heavily, and the snow piled up outside had already reached half a grown man’s height, and half of the inn’s doors had become blocked.

    Yan Xi Wu’s face turned pale. “It’s over, it’s all over. We are going to be trapped in here and this snowstorm will never stop. There are so many people here in this inn and we’ll run out of food and water in just a few days. We’ll all then die here.”

    Seeing her look as if the sky was falling, Qing Bei stared at her in contempt, before he said in an icy cold voice: “If you continue prattling on with such defeatist words, I’ll just throw you out the window right now for you to perish on your own.”

    Ever since the time that the youth had heartlessly left her to fend for herself whether she lived or died back at Hades’ Canyon, Yan Xi Wu had become highly terrified of him. Hearing him say those words, she became so frightened that she immediately shrank her head into her shoulders and clamped her mouth shut in silence.

    A dark glint flashed in Qing Yu’s eyes, a brief fleeting moment. Suddenly, the world swirled before her eyes and the scene she saw changed completely.

    Qing Bei, Yan Xi Roui and Yan Xi Wu had all disappeared.

    And before her, it all felt so familiar and strange at the same time, like this had happened in her past life.

    It was a man with a tall slim figure, his facial features gently pleasing, with a eyes smiling so gently that one would be able to drown in them.

    “Qing Qing, are you being mischievous again? Why are you hiding here and not eating your food?”