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Chapter 141.2 - A Memory One Doesn’t Want to Recall

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 141.2: A Memory One Doesn’t Want to Recall

    Throughout the large and vast family, among so many young men and women in there, only this one man called her by this name, Qing Qing, a name so intimate like he was calling out to a lover who shared his bed.

    Qing Yu’s body was trembling uncontrollably. [So, even after so long, she still has not gotten over it completely?]

    Once she heard him calling out to her like that, it immediately elicited all kinds of memories of the past, about how well he had treated her, so well that it made up for the pain she had felt for the loss of her parents, so well that she had given her whole heart to him so willingly without holding back in the slightest.

    But why was it that her most sincere and true heart was not enough to compete with the seductive allure of consumer power and high authourity?

    Even the person she had thought would never ever change had turned unscrupulous because of that position.

    Qing Yu tried her very best to shut her eyes, the skin over her slender fingers suddenly turned very pale.

    The soft sound of a person’s breathing sounded right beside her ear, as a man’s wide chest held her close in a tight embrace, his voice low and gentle: “Qing Qing, you are always trying so hard to be brave, so I just can’t help being worried about you. Big Brother will always be protecting you.”

    Qing Yu did not say a word and did not open her eyes, her long lashes quivering hard, as he emotions surged till she was on the very verge of collapsing.

    The smile on the man’s lips grew deeper. “Qing Qing, wait till I ascend to the seat of Family Head and will you then be my bride? Let the two of us stand right at this highest position to gaze upon the most beautiful view and enjoy the supreme power and authourity at the peak of the entire world, where everyone shall bow before us, the world finally at our feet.”

    “A girl need not be so strong, girls who are adorably weak are much more lovable”

    The man’s almost spellbinding lips came closer to her ear, the low and magnetic voice profound and seductive. “Big Brother will dote on you very much. The true power of the Sacred Burial Arts and the Heavenly Insights of Medicine can only be brought out through my hands. Will you let Big Brother….. extract them out from you?”

    The Qing Family’s two secret treasures, and only the heir was able to possess them. If one sought to extract them, then it could only be done by the copulation of Yin and Yang. But if it the treasures were forcibly extracted, then the body’s vitality of the owner of the treasures would suffer grave injuries, their very foundation damaged, to become frail and sickly and be endlessly reliant on all kinds of medicine.

    Qing Yu’s tightly shut eyes had turned red at the rims, feeling so vulnerable and depressed like she never did before.

    Those violent rise of such highly intense emotions had actually caused the heart of a certain man thousands of miles away to wrench up sharply. His eyes immediately flared open from sleep, the devilishly enchanting violet orbs shining extraordinarily bright.

    He sat himself up, his fair slender fingers stretching open. A light purple crystal ball the size of a baby’s palm flashed incessantly, and he called out in a probing voice: “Little Fox?”