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Chapter 141.3 - A Memory One Doesn’t Want to Recall

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 141.3: A Memory One Doesn’t Want to Recall

    Getting no response from the other side, Lou Jun Yao could not help but knitted up his brows.

    The crystal ball was a magical communication artifact from Cloud Heaven and there weren’t that many of them throughout the entire Cloud Heaven, so it could be seen from here just how rare it was, but he had not even blinked when he gave Qing Yu one. A person just needed to summon up their spirit energy and they would be able to not only speak to the person on the other side, but also to see their faces.

    He had done that for safety’s sake, Lou Jun Yao had thought. Since he had decided that he would look after Aunt Lan’s descendants, then he should give it his all and do the best he could, even though Qing Yu was merely going to take part in the recruitment trials of an insignificant sect within the low level realm.

    But, why had he just sensed that the lass’ emotions were in such great turmoil?

    [What could have happened there?]

    Lou Jun Yao was feeling rather ill at ease and with a bright glint in his eyes, the inside of the purple crystal ball started to spin and swirl very quickly, and what met his eyes was a scene of snow that was several feet high, and it seemed like the snow was getting heavier and heavier.

    [It’s snowing?]

    Lou Jun Yao looked outside. Besides the cold wind howling outside, there wasn’t even a single speck of snow.

    [Interesting. Just who could be up to their tricks?]

    The inside of the crystal ball then flashed, the scene suddenly changing to show the inside of a room. He saw Qing Yu and her companions. He did not pay the others any attention for the moment but was only looking at the expression on Qing Yu’s face, which did not look like things were alright.

    Her eyes were red rimmed, her entire body shaking with shivers, and her hands were even slowly rising up to her slender neck, before clutching around it viciously. The tiny face lost all its colour right at that moment, turning a frightful greenish white, like she was able to suffocate.

    The aura around Lou Jun Yao grew heavy suddenly, growing oppressive like the way it felt before a violent storm broke.

    Qing Yu could not lie to herself. Even though she hated this person, hated the man who had turned her into a cold and emotionless person, he had once, throughout her entire youth, given her all the love and concern of what kinship was to her.”

    The man’s warm breath from his lips brushed past her ear, opening and closing as he spoke, almost touching her dainty little ear. “Qing Qing, be good and stay by my side will you? No matter whether it’s that kid you brought back here or any other man, they will not be able to give you what I can give. In this world, only I am compatible with you.”

    “Be good and give yourself to me…..”

    Just as the man’s lips were right about to touch the young lady’s alluring lips, she suddenly curled up the ends of her mouth in a faint smile, a smile of imperceptible meaning. Within the darkness, it was as beautiful as the highly precious night-blooming cereus, that appears fleetingly and disappears almost immediately after, but the stir it caused in a person’s heart would not dissipate for a long time.

    “Qing Tian Lin, you know what?” The young lady’s voice was clear and light, and in that silent darkness of night, it seemed like she could hear the sound of his beating heart.

    “What?” The man was taken aback.