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Chapter 141.4 - A Memory One Doesn’t Want to Recall

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 141.4: A Memory One Doesn’t Want to Recall

    “Regardless whether it’s the real you or this is just you in my dream, you disgust me just the same.”

    A highly callous smile curled up at the edges of Qing Yu’s lips and a boundless rage then shone out ruthlessly from the pair of beautiful and alluring phoenix like eyes. Her voice was chillingly light, that made one shiver involuntarily. “Who gave you permission to pry into my heart so rudely?”

    Stunned surprise appeared on the man’s face, and he froze in shock the very next moment.

    The young lady’s hand that was so cold there wasn’t the slightest sliver of warmth then turned into a sharp blade, plunging straight through his heart, and that pair of absolutely emotionless eyes did not even once glance at him, before she burned him up into ashes with a blazing fire.

    He had never ever thought that things would take such a turn, and he had died without a single trace of him left behind.

    And the hidden man who was controlling everything suddenly vomited out a great mouthful of blood, his already pale and inhumanly colourless face immediately turning even whiter.

    His pair of bright jet black eyes, were filled with utter astounded shock.

    [Someone was actually able to….. break out from the dreams he weaved?]

    And Qing Yu who had awoken from her dreamy state then felt as if all her strength had left her, as she collapsed onto the floor with her eyes closed.

    But the pain that was expected to come with the fall did not come, as a warm embrace caught her and picked her up, holding her tightly. The fiery warmth then drove out the cold chill in her body.

    Qing Yu slowly opened her eyes, her half lowered eyelids looking lazily languid and enchanting. Especially when the colour of her complexion was not looking too great at that moment, seeming a little weak and pale, just like that of an injured little animal that sought comfort cuddled in her owner’s arms.

    “Why have you come?” Qing Yu’s voice was a little low and raspy.

    Lou Jun Yao cradled the young lady’s slender waist that felt like it would crumble if he gripped her too tightly, as he helped her to the edge of the bed for her to sit down. He opened his mouth to say without showing emotion in his voice: “I just saw a foolish little fox who almost strangled herself to death, so I came over to see what got you so worked up.”

    Those words were put across so lightly with utter indifference, but only he himself knew how fast he had moved ripping through the dimensional space to come here.

    Hearing that undisguised sarcasm from him, Qing Yu’s mouth split as she laughed softly. You’ve got to be kidding. I will never do something as stupid as that.”

    “Is that so?” Lou Jun Yao’s eyes smiled mirthlessly as he looked at the little fox in persistent denial. “Then can you stand up and walk a couple of steps for me to see?”

    [Heh heh. In such a state of utter exhaustion, it is clear that it was caused by having just over depleted your mental strength. Really don’t know what she saw just now that could affect her so much. Fortunately, she has already broken out of that predicament on her own.]